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Eve of the War

Annie: Only me. Didn’t want to Rent-a-Ghost in and startle you. Just… {she indicates the tea}. Oh, I’m itching for a cuddle. Go on, I’ll give you fifty quid. {silence} I was thinking that I could take her out. Just into the garden. Just to give you a bit of a break.
George: She doesn’t leave this room.
Annie: You know, she needs fresh air. Things to look at. I’ll make sure no one sees us. First sign of trouble, I’ll be out of there.
George: Nina left. Nina died. So like I said, she doesn’t leave this room.
Annie: This isn’t good for her. For either of you.
George: I’m protecting her.
Annie: She needs a father, George. Not a bodyguard.
George: Move. Out of the way.
Annie: Actually, what she needs is a name.
George: Every time I think of a name, all I can see is it written on a gravestone.
Annie: You think you’re the only one in pain here? The only one grieving. ‘Cause I’ve lost a lover and I’ve lost my best friend and I’m not— Look at this. They’ve won, you realize that. With you like this, they’ve already won, George.

Annie: Tom, I still have some relatives in Brighton. Maybe you would like to give them a call and try an get them killed too?
Tom: What?
Annie: The chimney. I heard every single word. It’s a brilliant baby monitor. Or at least it would be, if I was allowed to go and comfort her when she cries! If I’m not!

Annie: Oh for gods sake, Tom! I cant lose anyone else. I’ve said goodbye to so many people, I can’t even process it. My whole life was Mitchell and George and Nina. But now Mitchell’s dead. And… Nina’s dead. And George is… gone. And there’s nothing nice in this house anymore except that baby.
Tom: And it is such a big house as well. With all those rooms just going empty at night.
Annie: I don’t know what we are now. I don’t know what I am.
George: Let’s do it.

Annie: I just think we need to talk about this first.
George: What’s to talk about? I thought you wanted me to stop moping.
Annie: George, I meant have a shower, not storm the Bat Cave. Besides it’s, um, Splodge’s first transformation.
George: “Splodge”?
Annie: Yeah. Daft, isn’t it? It’s almost as if she hasn’t been given a proper name.
George: The curse repairs what it damages. She’ll be fine.

Annie: Well aren’t you going to say goodbye?
George: Well aren’t you coming downstairs.
Annie: To your daughter.

Annie: Okay, Splodge. Brace yourself for some serious cuddling.

Annie: I’m sorry, Dewi. But your day’s about to take a turn for the worse.

Annie: Oh my god, George. What have you done?

Annie: If you harm that baby, I swear I will—
Regus: I knew you’d come to save her. She has to stay alive. She’s the War Child.

Annie: Give me the baby.
Regus: You’re having a laugh. Look at him.
Annie: Just give me the baby.

Annie: It’s okay. She’s okay, George. You saved her.
George: I saved her?
Annie: Yes. Yes, you did. You saved her.

George: Annie, listen to me. You’ll have to look after her now.
Annie: George—
George: Promise me!
Annie: I promise. Of course I promise.

George: Annie. It’s okay. It’s just the end of my story. I have to be with my Nina.
Annie: Please George. Please not you as well, I can’t. I can’t lose you as well.
George: You take care of her.

Annie: So this is how it starts.

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Being Human 1955

Annie: Where have you been?
Tom: Out. Stop doing that.
Annie: Out where?
Tom: Just out.
Annie: Alright, let’s get this over with.
Tom: Annie!
Annie: Please assume the position.

Tom: I ain’t done no’.
Annie: You haven’t done anything.
Tom: Exactly.
Annie: No, Tom. I’m not agreeing with you. Your grammar is appalling.

Annie: I agreed to let you live under my roof under one condition. That you abide by all my commandments.
Tom: Are you talking about the house rules, Annie?
Annie: Yes I am, Tom. And why don’t we just run through them again so that we’re clear.
Tom: “No smoking, no dialing 0-800 numbers. All dishes must be washed dried and put away, not left to drip. No bringing girls home. Never put a cup down without a coaster, and if I’m going to be late, two rings.”
Annie: And we’re missing one, aren’t we?
Tom: “No killing vampires.”

Tom: Why don’t the three of us go away somewhere? The Old Ones are gone. I don’t understand why we’re still here.
Annie: Well, no, it wouldn’t make any difference. We could go to Timbuk-bloody-tu and the mayor would be a vampire. No, we’ve tried running and it doesn’t work.

Annie: Did you hide that in my hanging basket? That is it. I’m going to have to add another commandment. “Thou shalt not hide stakes in my shrubbery.”

Pearl: Can you see me?
Annie: Can you see me?
Pearl: I’m a ghost.
Annie: So am I.

Annie: Things have changed here recently.
Pearl: Oh, that’s a pity. Over fifty-five years and I’ve never had to change my line-up.

Hal You do know that it’s human skin.
Annie: Um, no. That one’s not actually. That one’s fake. It’s just prosthetics.
Hal would it make it easier for you to believe that?
Annie: Yes.

Tom: If this was just us, if this was all something to help you cope with everything that’s happened, then fine. But you’re dragging other people into it. That ain’t right. Eve can’t save that man.
Annie: After everything you’ve been through, why’s this so difficult to believe?
Tom: What’s all this really about, Annie?
Annie: I am not going to argue about this with you, Tom.
Tom: I’m on your side.
Annie: Then please. Just support me on this.

Hal Leo gave me these. Every day he’d make me line them up, but never let me knock them down.
Annie: Why?
Hal He wanted to show me that I’m in control. If I could teach myself to fight small urges, then I could train myself to resist much bigger ones.

Pearl: What are you saying?
Annie: What I’m saying is, “Move in here!”
Hal Are you somehow drunk?

Pearl: We’ll need to start using a new brand of tea. That stuff you make looks very anemic.
Annie: There is nothing wrong with my tea.

Leo: Try to keep him away from people.
Annie: What kind of people?
Leo: Oh, general people.
Pearl: And dogs. Mainly the small ones.
Leo: And budgies.
Pearl: That only happened the once and he sent a letter of apology to the miniature circus.
Leo: It’s best to err on the side of caution, I think.

Annie: So what about you, Pearl? Any dark secrets? Anything I should know?
Leo: Pearl is a woman without fault. {he shows Annie her page} I’ll tell you later.

Pearl: What are you saying Annie?
Annie: Well this started when you showed up.
Pearl: Yes. It’s related to Leo’s illness. You said so yourself.
Annie: And I still believe that to be true, I just don’t think it’s Eve causing it. I think it’s you.
Pearl: Don’t be ridiculous.
Annie: It’s grief, Pearl.

Pearl: It’s too late, Annie. It’s 55 years too late. How can I possibly tell him now?
Annie: How can you possibly not? You have got to tell him how you feel because you… you might not get another chance.
Pearl: For over half a century I’ve been stuck here. But that didn’t matter because I was stuck here with him.

Annie: You told him you loved him. That was your unfinished business.

Pearl: I’ll stay. I can stay!
Annie: No, Pearl. You might not get another chance. That’s your door.

Hal You don’t actually have to go through with this, you know.
Annie: Oh no. Hal, you are staying with us. I made a promise. And if there’s anything I take very seriously it’s promises I make to disembodied spirits to look after someone.

Tom: I was protecting Eve.
Annie: Where is he now?
Tom: I don’t know and I don’t care.
Annie: He’s very dangerous, Tom.
Tom: I think we’ve established that much, Annie.

Annie: You think you’re men, do you? You think you’re big and brave. You are dancing around your pain. Both of you are! Facing it head on, now that takes real courage. And I’m not judging you, because I’ve done it myself. I’ve needed a god. So I created one. But Tom you’re right, Eve is no a god. And my friends have not died in some great glorious master plan. They’ve just died. And it hurts, it really hurts. I can’t avoid feeling this pain any longer, because avoiding it leads to this. So if you two want to kill each other you will be taking one step further away from the man that your father and your friend wanted you to be. Now can we please go home.

Annie: She’s been responsible for quite a few miraculous things, you know. Even if she isn’t the savior.
Hal I’m still hoping she is.
Annie: What?
Hal I want it to be true. I want her to kill us all.

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The Graveyard Shift

Annie: What are you doing here?
Regus: What are you doing here? I can’t believe you’re still in Barry. I can’t believe you’re still in Wales. God, the risks I took for you people.
Annie: Do they still want her?
Regus: They don’t want her because they think she’s dead. I told them I killed her.
Annie: Thank you.
Regus: But if they found out I didn’t. Say they spotted you shopping with her in bloody Aldi— Then they’d come for her again and I would get a wooden enema.

Regus: Listen, this is serious.
Annie: No, this is prophecy. And I know a thing or two about prophecies. They’re bullshit and mind games. Seems to me they only get dangerous when you actually start believing in them.

Annie: Why can’t you leave her alone? She’s just a normal baby!
Fergus: Do you really believe that or is it just desperation?
Annie: Which one keeps her alive?
Fergus: Neither actually.

Annie: What happened to your face?
Regus: My lunch fought back.

Annie: Why would you want to save her?
Regus: You really want an answer to this right now?
Annie: Before I bring the baby into the weird vampire’s house. Yes.
Regus: Right.
For four hundred years I’ve been collecting and cataloging vampire myths and legends. Four hundred years. In dark rooms, libraries and cellars. Pouring over manuscripts, scrolls, books covered in mildew. Because you can’t Google this stuff, you know. I’ve got asthma. Actual asthma. Vampires don’t get asthma. And no one wanted to know about my work. They just laughed and ate another virgin. So that has to be worth something. If it’s not true—if that baby doesn’t mean the end of the vampires—then what have I been doing for all those years? It will have meant nothing!

Annie: You can try biting me, but all you’re going to get is an ice cream headache.

Annie: Don’t worry. You know what, he’s surprisingly gentle.

Regus: No, I don’t like it!
Annie: Don’t worry. It didn’t last that long.
Regus: Make it stop! Make it stop!

Regus: The Nemesis has a burnt arm.
Annie: What, and that’s it?
Regus: What do you want, an email address? Look, if you see a scary man with a burnt arm run away!

Hal I cannot sleep in a barn or a tent or a caravan or anywhere without central heating, carpets and Radio Four. Now that should be on my list. Really, it should. You make me do that I won’t be responsible for my actions.
Annie: What about the Old Ones?
Hal If the Old Ones are coming then it is better I’m here to greet them.
Annie: Greet them?

Hal Look. I’m not sure what you’re used to when George and, ah… Tina were around, but—
Annie: Their names were Nina, George and Mitchell. And this was their home. They were my friends. And they would have listened to me.

Regus: Most of my friends are assholes. There’s a couple of them in the Hoover.
Annie: Well then maybe you should get yourself some new friends. {Micaela comes to}
Regus: That’s the plan.

Hal: Did you ever meet Ivan and Daisy?
Annie: Now there’s a lovely thought.

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A Spectre Calls

Alfie Kirby (James Lance): Hal, Tom, Annie. It’s me. It’s Alfie Kirby. Weren’t you told? Nina sent me.
Annie: Nina?
Kirby: Yeah. Isn’t she great? So tiny yet so loud.

Kirby: Nina told me to help. Said you were doing great, Annie, but thought you could do with an extra pair of hands.
Hal: He doesn’t have a burn.
Annie: But why would she send you?
Kirby: I was a nursery teacher before I crocked it.
Annie: But why didn’t she come herself?
Kirby: Well she can’t. Werewolves can’t be ghosts. That would really mess things up.
Tom: That don’t make no sense.
Kirby: Neither did the lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody, but I didn’t make them up either. {Tom looks unimpressed}.

Annie: I’m traumatizing her. I mean she’s meant to be the savior, but instead she’s going to end up pregnant at thirteen, on drugs and knifing pensioners outside the Quasar Centre.

Kirby: The rest of the house is fab. Although I wasn’t sure about the knife in the wall downstairs.
Annie: Oh. Yeah. No, that was me. A vampire got in and tried to hurt Eve so I, you know {mimes the Psycho knifing}.
Kirby: You can be quite scary.
Annie: Yeah, new mum. What can I say.

Annie: Must be lovely being you. Always the cleverest and the oldest and never forget anything for hundreds of years.
Hal: No. It’s terrible.

Annie: What are you up to?
Kirby: Just a spot of tidying.
Annie: Oh, gosh, you don’t have to do that!
Kirby: I’m just trying to help. Tom said you could get all twisted if things aren’t done your way.
Annie: He said what?
Kirby: Oh! No, forget I said that. Sorry. That was just me and my big mouth.

Kirby: I don’t mean to cause any trouble between you guys.
Annie: Oh, and you can’t. Not with my rota. We’re a well-oiled machine.

Dr. North: I had no idea you were gay. Most of the gay couples I know have taste.
Annie: It’s rented.

Annie: I just want something good for a change, you know? Something uncomplicated.
Hal: And you think that’s what Kirby is?
Annie: I didn’t say that. But… yes. Yes, I guess so. Well he is compared to…

Hal: The paper said the box tunnel murderer’s stomach contained flesh.
Annie: It said what?

Kirby: He was totally out of control! He was a monster!
Annie: Hal.
Hal: Yes?
Annie: You have to leave. You have to leave this house now.

Kirby: Oh, Annie. Look at you. With that dreamy smile and that incredibly dull personality. I can’t work out if Tom left because he was bored or he was scared he’d self-harm if you mentioned that bloody rota again. Don’t be upset. You’re nice. It’s your thing. It drives people away. It drove Mitchell to suicide. From what I heard.
Annie: Why would you say that?
Kirby: Oh Annie, I tried, believe me. But you’d have to have the patience of a saint to spend more than a day with you. And well, I’m no saint. Okay, confession time! I never was a nursery teacher. But I do love kids. And when they saw me they all came running. I was a toy salesman. See? The Toy Man!

Annie: Is it me or do I have the worst taste in men. Ever.

Hal: Happy Birthday, Tom.
Tom: Wicked. {he grabs the cake}
Annie: No, no, Tom. Blow them out.
Tom: Huh?
Annie: Blow them out, darling.

Annie: Look, I’m sorry about earlier.
Hal: Don’t apologize. I’m sorry you had to see that side of me. Again.

Annie: Now I know that you could never hurt Eve, so… {she hugs him around his middle}
Hal: Awkward.

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Hold the Front Page

6 months earlier

Annie: Go on. It’s fine. Let him in. It’s definitely not the Nemesis. He’s way too much of a knob for that.

Adam: So where’s George and the others?
Hal: I’m afraid they died.
Adam: Oh, Annie. I’m so sorry. Are you okay?
Annie: No. No, not really. Um, thank you. Thanks.

Yvonne: I believe in modern parlance, one might say we are on the run.
Annie: Why? What have you done?
Adam: Her.
Yvonne: Adam!
Adam: Oh, right. Sorry miss.

Yvonne: Adam and I are in love.
Annie: You’re in love?
Adam: Uh huh. I see you, baby. And there’s nothing going on down there. What do you think of that?
Annie: I’d rather not.

Annie: Just threaten him, and find out what he knows.
Hal: I’m not your bloody henchman.

Hal: Is it me or is there something very strange about her?
Annie: Besides the fact that she’s completely delusional? All that stuff about “Kriss Akabusi chased me around Morrisons!”. Please. You know when I was sixteen a photographer told me I was pretty enough to be in a catalog. Yeah. A catalog, Hal. You don’t hear me going on about it.
Hal: I’ve only been here a few weeks, you’ve already told me twice.
Annie: And another thing, how come she can see me? Hal? Hal!

Annie: What’s wrong with you?
Yvonne: Yvonne. She’s a succubus.

Yvonne: Mother hardly spoke about my father. Simply said that he was beautiful and cruel. A demon, you say? So all these men who pursue me, they don’t actually like me. They’re just under some damn silly spell. Even… even Adam.
Annie: Probably, yeah.
Yvonne: But I love him. I really do. For the first time in my life I genuinely love someone.

Adam: What about the reporters?
Annie: Thought about that. We’re gonna swaddle.

Adam: Hey, I’m in no hurry. What happens under the jumper, stays under the jumper. Hey, can you feel that?
Annie: Adam! Shut up. Hal was right!
Adam: What do you mean?
Annie: The spell’s warn off already.

Annie: What’s it going to be? Good Cop, Bad Cop? Or I could be Good Cop suddenly turned Crazy Psycho Ghost Cop. What do you think?

Annie: Hal, cover your eyes. There’s a cross.
Hal: I’m an Old One. Crosses don’t affect us.

Yvonne: Would you say goodbye to Tom for us.
Annie: Ah yes. And he’s really sorry that he couldn’t be here. He just thought it’d be better if he… hid.

Annie: Adam. That little twat. I’m really going to miss him.

Hal: Annie. I really was going to hurt that journalist.
Annie: And I wanted you to. That’s why I dragged you along with me. Ever since I killed Kirby I’ve wanted to do it again. It’s like a drug, isn’t it?

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Puppy Love

Annie: Look, I know this is a lot to take in, but I’m going to help you get through this.
Emyrs: Too bloody right you are. It’s all your fault.
Annie: Yes I know, and I am really really really sorry about that.

Hal: Who are you?
Annie: Okay, I’m sorry. I should have explained. Everybody, this is Emyrs. I… killed him.

Annie: Look it’s fine. I’m all over this. We just need to figure out his unfinished business and then move him on.
Tom: And you think that’s haunting our bathroom?
Annie: No, Tom. Of course it’s not haunting our bathroom. Unfinished business is something good and something righteous.
Emyrs: Who says?
Hal: I knew a ghost whose unfinished business was to castrate her brother-in-law. Something to do with inappropriate Salsa dancing. So it could be anything really.
Emyrs: See.
Annie: I refuse to believe that.
Tom: Why?
Annie: Well because I’m still here, aren’t I. And when my time comes it will be to do something good.

Annie: So you have no friends, you don’t owe any moment and you have no regrets. Oh! Have you seen Titanic?

Emyrs: I’ve enjoyed being dead.
Annie: You’re not supposed to enjoy it!
Emyrs: That’s the problem with you, Annie. Everything’s supposed to be like this, supposed to be like that. I’m not supposed to like naked girlies. Unfinished business has to be good. Look, life isn’t like that. Mine wasn’t. I don’t see why death has to be.

Emyrs: That was brilliant!
Annie: But totally unethical. {a door appears}
Emyrs: Maybe not. I knew I was right. Remember, when your time comes, it may not be a good thing you have to do.

Eve: You have to come with me.
Annie: No no, not again.
Eve: No, Annie, listen to me. There’s never been anything more important.
Annie: I have a baby. Um, Eve. I have to look after her.
Eve: Annie, I am the baby.
Annie: What?
Eve: It’s me, Annie. Mum. I’m Eve.

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Making History

Eve: I needed to tell you something, so I died and came back through my history. Like how Lia took Mitchell through his past. That’s what gave me the idea. Every single moment is here somewhere, you just need to—
Annie: How do you know about Mitchell?
Eve: You told me everything. Mitchell. George and Nina. Lia. McNair. Gilbert. Herrick. These are the stories I grew up with.

Annie: So what is it? This thing that you want to tell me.
Eve: Mum.
Annie: Just tell me. So I can go.
Eve: I have to show you.
Annie: Show me what?
Eve: My present. Your future.

Annie: So this is the future. Really?
Eve: For you, yeah.
Annie: Do people have jet packs?
Eve: No. No, mostly everyone’s dead.

Eve: We’re just days away, you know. The Old Ones arrive soon. That’s when it starts. At first no one believed it. They’d heard rumors but there were no photos, no footage. Then vampires killed the Prime Minister on national television.
Annie: And, um, what did we do?
Eve: You wanted to get me somewhere safe. But the airports were under siege, so you brought me here. You, me and Tom. But everyone else had the same idea. There must have been fifty thousand people here, climbing onto ferries, yachts, container ships and tugboats. The Biblical Exodus. You told me the ships were groaning with the weight of them. And then the screams started. Vampires started killing people from the back of the crowd. There was this huge surge as everyone pushed forward, trying to get away. But there was nowhere for them to go. They just… You told me it was like the water was boiling. So many people.
Annie: Someone must have fought back.
Eve: Oh of course. Yeah, the whole country stayed under human control for awhile, but they’d get so overwhelmed by refugees they had to start closing their borders and negotiating with the vampires. And then eventually they fell too.

Annie: Um… I’m not saying that I believe that you are, um, you know… who you say you are.
Eve: But?
Annie: Aren’t you the savior?
Eve: I am.
Annie: Then why is this happening, why don’t you stop it?
Eve: Because of you.
Annie: Me? How?
Eve: We’re getting to that.

Annie: Why are you looking at me like that?
Eve: I haven’t seen you since I was eighteen. I’ve missed you.

Eve: Tell me about Tom.
Annie: I thought you knew him.
Eve: Not very well.
Annie: Well he’s a child. He’s lovely. He’s like a pet. A bloody big one. Like a Saint Bernard or a horse or something. But you know he’s physically incapable of lying or being cruel. So I do worry about him. Almost as much as I worry about you…. um, you know who. But he’s, yeah, he’s just a kid really. He shouldn’t be killing vampires, he should be getting disappointing A-level results.
Eve: He died here. A few years ago the vampires rounded up all the humans and werewolves they could find. The humans were branded with an “H” and the werewolves with a “W” and put into these camps. There was an outbreak of cholera. Hundreds died. And the vampires brought back the dogfights.
Annie: That’s what happened to Tom?
Eve: He was a cold man. Difficult to like, if I’m honest. There were rumors he killed some humans by accident and never got over it. Some say he held back during his final dogfight. Even after he transformed. He’d rather have died than kill again.

Annie: And where did I go?
Eve: After everything fell apart, you buried friend after friend. You began to lose control of your tangibility ’til eventually you just… drifted apart. Like smoke on the breeze.
Annie: Glad I asked.

Annie: You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?
Eve: Oh yeah. Yeah. It’s Christmas.

Eve: I wanted to show you what happened to Hal.
Annie: Don’t tell me. They chopped him into little pieces and sprinkled him over the HMS Belfast.
Eve: Turn around.
Annie: That’s Hal.
Eve: One of their most ruthless commanders. Those camps I showed you, they were his idea. His violent, sadistic and, well, quite literally their poster boy.

Eve: You see my history and yours started to separate the moment I appeared to Leo and Pearl and Hal.
Annie: That was you. Why?
Eve: I’ve been trying to rewrite history. I thought getting Hal into the house would do that.

Annie: Okay. What is it you want me to do?
Eve: Kill me.

Eve: All my life I’ve been carried around like a mascot, while the world around me crumbled and burned. I didn’t understand. Wasn’t I supposed to stop this happening. Then I got the final piece of the scripture. And there it was: in order to fulfill her destiny, the War Child must die. It was too late for me to change my world, but maybe I could stop it ever happening.
Annie: So you sent Hal?
Eve: Hal is a monster in my world. I assumed he’d kill me as soon as he worked out who I was. When that didn’t work I sent Kirby.
Annie: You put that animal in my home?
Eve: You’ve seen what was at stake.
Annie: I can’t kill you. All that stuff about the burnt arm, the Nemesis.
Eve: I’m the killer. I orchestrated this. You’re just the knife.
Annie: The burn.
Eve: Savior and Nemesis. Talk about multi-tasking.
Annie: You were in one of those camps?
Eve: They didn’t know who I was. I always had false papers. I was just rounded up with the others.
Annie: Eve, I am so sorry.
Eve: Look I could send a thousand threats, but Kirby made me realize your love for me would always defeat them. So I had to come to you direct. Show you the world you created.

Annie: Was I a good mother? I’m not fishing or anything, I just want to make sure that you felt loved.
Eve: It wasn’t a world for children. But yeah. You were. The best.
Annie: You’re very brave. And I am proud of that.
Eve: You make a bloody good cup of tea.
Annie: That’s my girl.

Annie: Tom. The Old Ones might be here any day now. To stop them we might have to… do terrible things.
Tom: What choice do we have?
Annie: It’s not fair though.
Tom: No.

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The War Child

Tom: Annie, the Old Ones have arrived. We saw ’em at the warehouse.
Annie: Yeah, Eve said they’d be here soon.
Hal: Eve’s been here the whole time.
Annie: Grown-up Eve. She died an adult, travelled back through Purgatory to find me because there was something I needed to know. She took me in to her corridor. {Alex snickers}
Alex: “Took me into her corridor.” Sorry. Misjudged the mood.

Annie: I had to see how terrible the future is. Because what I have to do to stop it is really really hard. Eve must die. It’s the last part of the myth. Eve saves humanity by dying.
Hal: Does the Nemesis—whoever it is with the burn—is that who kills her?
Annie: She is the Nemesis. She has the burn. I’m just the weapon.
Tom: Right. First off we need to get her out of here.
Annie: This is not a group decision.

Hal: Annie, are you saying you might hurt Eve?
Annie: How could you even say that to me! I could never ever hurt a child!
Hal: But if someone else tried to harm her what would you do then?

Annie: I’m sorry.
Alex: Sorry? Annie, you saved her.
Annie: No. You don’t understand. I’ve betrayed you all. I’d rather let the world burn than hurt her. I let the vampires win and I’m always going to let them win. You need to get Hal and find your body and pass on. Because things are going to get very bad very quickly.

Annie: Give me back my fucking baby!

Annie: I don’t understand. How does keeping her alive save you?
Snow: I’ve often wondered that myself. Perhaps the remaining humans wait so long for her to save them that they never build a cohesive defense. That’s the funny thing about saviors. It can make one a little dependent.
Annie: And what will you do to the world?
Snow: Pluck it apart. Like a child with a spider.

Annie: Hal isn’t a living thing?
Alex: Wha– ?
Annie: Hal isn’t a living thing. {Alex grabs Hall and rent-a-ghosts him through the wall}

Annie: I love you.

Eve: You did it, Annie.
Annie: So am I really here?
Eve: That was your unfinished business. All you had to do was save the world.
Annie: And I can’t go back?
Eve: No. But then, you never were one for following rules.

Eve: Go on. They’re expecting you.
Annie: Who?
Eve: Who do you think?
Annie: Oh, come with me. I want them to meet you.
Eve: I can’t. There isn’t time.
Annie: Eve, you’re fading.
Eve: I never happened now. I never grew up. I never saw the things I saw. That’s the only me now.
Annie: I’m sorry.
Eve: Don’t be. You saved us all.

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