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The problem with using this site as a guinea pig for my work is that, although I figure out and implement super handy things over here, I promptly forget how I did it. So when I’m in the middle of a project, have a problem, and think, “Hey! I solved this on my own site. I’ll just go and find it and use it again!”, it takes me forever to find it (the code isn’t exactly elegant over here). And once I do finally track it down, I end up looking at it and thinking, “I was never that smart. How the hell did I figure that out?”

And then I get distracted by something shiny and wind up here. Hm. Funny how that works. Although I don’t recommend posting anything after not sleeping for three days (may I refer you to my last few posts). It tends to be… muddled. At best.

So lack of sleep means my brain has been just mush. Which is okay. Until I have to do something brilliant (may I refer you to the top of this post). So I’m taking a brief break before I go back to work, trying to figure out… whatever it is I was trying to fig— Ooo! Shiny!