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Well as far as I can tell (although I will admit to avoiding the news lately) someone has yet to stand up and take any personal responsibility for the Tucson shootings. Although I’m not surprised, it would have at least been refreshing. But nope. Seems both sides are back to finger pointing and name calling—this time about the finger pointing and name calling.

So now I think a time out is required. And not like a blow-the-whistle-take-five-minutes-and-huddle-up time out. But one of those classroom time outs where you have to drag your metal chair to a corner, face the wall and sit there until you’re ready to act like a grown up.

But as an added incentive toward growing the hell up, the first politician and/or public figure to admit to any sort of culpability in this gets a brand new big box of crayons. My treat.