Hair and Eyes


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I am thoroughly bored and equally lonely. I took the week off and now am climbing the walls.

But on the other hand, it’s nice to have some time off, as it’s been forever. I’ve also taken the opportunity to get some errands done. My long hair is disappearing on Friday. I got my eyes checked out today. My prescription hasn’t changed a bit. I was amazed. It’s been two years since I had them checked last. Oops. Last time I went I got a year’s worth of disposable contacts. Which lasted two years. I got a lengthy lecture.

Random things I learned at the eye doctor:

  1. Never go to the U of M hospital. “The vultures make you sign your life away.”
  2. Someone named Doris has a dead deer in her trunk. The neighbor shot it.
  3. You can apparently manage to fall down and pull your TV on top of you without serious injury.
  4. When they numb your eyes to get your “pressure checked,” it feels really weird. Then try to put contacts back in. I felt like my eyelids were asleep. It took me about five minutes.

Coolest thing about being off work: SIMPSONS! I never get to watch the reruns because I get home from work too late.

Woo hoo!