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I’m in a heap this weekend, huddled under massive amounts of blankets and a general fog which hovers over my brain.

Which would normally be awesome, since I get to whine and complain and garner sympathy for having a cold. But my backlog of work screams louder than my sinus headache so I am attending to that instead.

I’ve had the olympics on in the background all weekend. One of the rare instances these days when I watch NBC. It’s amazingly how far it’s fallen in just a few short years. I don’t know if it’s because they’ve been too afraid to put anything on their regular network that is even slightly daring (pushing it instead to cable) and that’s why they’ve become so dull. But any network that banks their entire primetime lineup on Leno–Leno for god’s sake, the least funny person on television–clearly is out of ideas. I don’t know. They just look pathetic.

But apart from that, the latest show destined for crap would be the Marriage Counselor. Or… Ref? It looks like something Fox would have scooped up in a heartbeat to stick between Our Little Genius and The Moment of Truth.

But it’s not without humor. I start laughing every time I see the promo with Alec Baldwin giving a couple marriage advice.

Because that last marriage worked out so well for him…