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The “o” on my keyboard is still failing to do its appointed duty. Which mainly means I have to proofread every friggin’ email I send. As if I didn’t already take like an hour to write and rewrite them already. I look like I’m incapable of typing.

So you know what else I can’t type in? Website addresses. Like the one to get in here and address my throngs of… crickets.

But the thing is here—the important bit here—is that .cm is apparently… wait, lemme check… ah! Cameroon. It seems the lovely people of Cameroon sold off their country’s domain level to some enterprising folks who are hoping to cash in on misbehaving “o” keys. And aforementioned enterprising folks are apparently into “the porn”, as the kids say.

I mean it was nothing all that bad. Hell, compared to some of the things I’ve seen around here it was downright pedestrian. And yet really really confusing for a moment. Either something went horribly wrong somewhere along the line or Blogger had taken their site in an entirely different direction.

In other news, lack of sleep makes looking dozens and dozens of obscure LPs and 45s for this fanzine all that more interesting. Many of them are French, actually. Which makes it even better. I mean, c’mon. The French are already fucked up to begin with, so you can only imagine the crazy shit they came up with during the 70s. Like guitar playing, sunglasses wearing bananas.

Or like my new best friend here. Isn’t she awesome? Truth be told, I think she’s actually a blow-up doll. That’s cool though. I don’t judge. Hell, in this economy you take whatever job you can get.