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Woof. I’ve been negligent of my little planet away from home as of late. And I’ve been feeling so guilty (mainly because I haven’t updated GG in three weeks) that I hadn’t even been checking anything related to my site or the show. I have this habit of steering clear of anything related to a subject I’m feeling guilty or bad about. Like if I ignore it I won’t have to deal with it for the time being. Exhibit A: the dentist.

But that’s a whole ‘nother root canal.

So tonight I sucked it up and decided I would try and figure out how far behind I was. At last count, I figured four episodes. Which is really bad even for me.

So imagine my relief when I discovered the show was nice enough to go on hiatus while I was swamped with work. I’m only one episode behind. Wasn’t that just so sweet of them? I should really send a muffin basket.

Having ripped the proverbial bandaid off my site, I figured I might as well wander in here for a titch. I see the place is still relatively neat and tidy, save for a few moisture rings on the coffee tables.

Coasters, people! Coasters!