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Huh. Despite appearances, only about 50% of what I write ends up in here.

I know! So you can only imagine what I end up shelving. One in particular keeps bugging me though.

So I will just say that I am increasingly troubled by the bailouts and some of the other revelations that have been coming out in the past, what, year?

Troubled, yes. Surprised? Hell no. I’ve seen this coming for years. I’m just amazed it took this long. I don’t like to sound so… I don’t know, head-in-the-clouds or something. But obsession with wealth—or the appearance of wealth—is just so destructive. I’m not anti-capitalism. I’m not anti-money. But there are just so many things in this world that matter so much more. I wish more people realized that.

I guess I just don’t have much hope that they will.

And that’s all I’ll write on it. For now.

So. Two things that you may or may not know about me:

1. I love documentaries. I have ever since I was little. Except documentaries on animals. Because I always get really really scared that there will be a death involved. I don’t do well with that.

2. I don’t like going to movies. I don’t know why. I claim that it’s because I need to be doing something more than just watching a big screen, but I no longer believe myself. I think it’s just become me being contrary.

So the point to this is: I may have to break my stance on never seeing a movie in a theatre. Because I really want to see Milk. I’ve seen enough documentaries and read a ton on Harvey Milk’s life and legacy that I’m interested in seeing the movie. Add to that an incredible cast and I’m sold. Add to that James Franco and I’ll pay extra.

And after a legacy like Milk’s, what the hell California?

Aw, I can’t blame California. I can blame flippin’ most of America. Whose arguments against homosexuality and same sex marriage I find so flimsy I could tear them in half even with my little girly arms.

See? Grumpy Claire doesn’t work well for rants. This is why they get deleted.