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Let me explain (for those who don’t know better) how winter works in Minneapolis:

Wait, no. Strike that. Reverse it. Let me explain how winter does not work in Minneapolis:

It does not get down to below zero temperatures in the middle of December. It just doesn’t. It’s not allowed. And I’m rather cheesed off that someone is not following protocol on this. Because it’s -7 right now and supposed to drop down to something like -14 during the night with windchills around -30.

Sadly, I will have to go outside tomorrow unless I want to incur some sort of revolt on Planet Claire. Ramona’s out of food. Which means I get to try and thaw out my poor little car.

But tonight I am just huddled on my couch, trying and failing to create a Holiday card before it’s no longer the holidays.

Actually I keep finding all these random shots of couples in front of a Christmas tree and want to put them on the front and include a long Holiday letter from them. Filled with all the inane crap that those letters always contain (I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: If I don’t know you went to the Corn Palace for your big summer holiday, then I don’t know you well enough to care).

Cooler heads are prevailing, sadly. Although I think some of my clients and family would get the joke, there are a far greater number that would decidedly not.

And if you have to explain a joke then it’s already failed.

Oh, and I totally went to the Corn Palace once on a summer vacation.