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So back in… uh… 2004, come to look it up, I wrote about Madame Shoo Shoo, which was (as far as family lore goes) painted by my grandfather on the side of a bomber during WWII.

Today I was over at my mom’s doing laundry (yay clean clothes!) and finally grabbed one of the two things I asked for after my Grandma died—a photo collage which included Madame Shoo Shoo. Grandpa is in the middle. Handsome guy, frankly.

Grandpa was in the Army (a pre-Air Force branch of the Army) and was stationed over in England. His job I guess was to identify planes by their sound.

I sort of wonder if his actual position wasn’t a little different. We have hundreds of photos that were taken in-air of an airplane dropping bombs over Europe. Plus I have a huge cloth map of Germany. You know the kind that are used to show pilots where to fly and where to bomb? Yeah, one of those. I should really get it framed in archival quality.