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So I ended up watching the opening ceremonies last night. Which were pretty cool.

What struck me as interesting was that they did the whole “The Olympics transcends politics and war!” “It’s a special time!” and then during the ceremony they would take time to mention all the conflicts that were currently ongoing. Georgia, for one. Or the fact that Zimbabwe’s “president” was not allowed entry into China. Or all sorts of other things that ended up making them look sort of gossipy.

And yet? I didn’t hear one mention of Tibet. Which I thought odd to say the least. They even went on and on about how this was China’s big moment and how it would affect them as a world power and/or player. But not one mention of Tibet. I’m not saying it was a huge conspiracy, I just found that its absence said more than if they had mentioned it.

But that’s neither here nor there. I leave that to people better-versed in the subject to ponder. What I do have is a rather lovely recording of the song “Tibet” by Larry Long, who is a singer/songwriter of some note.

He’s also a client, but I can honestly say he’s a pretty amazing guy. This song is from his upcoming album (he’s been in the studio lately):

Tibet by Larry Long

It’s based on his work within the schools, bringing elders from the community to tell their story to the children. This song tells the story of one of those elders. I think it’s pretty wonderful.