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So maybe a month or so ago I noticed that Ramona’s water was getting really dirty really often. I found myself changing out her water ten times a day. Obviously Ramona was doing something to get her water dirty. Obviously.

But what?

At first I assumed she was smacking her paw into the water and that was causing it. But for some reason that didn’t add up. Because I didn’t think it accounted for exactly how dirty it was getting.

But Ramona is a cagey little thing, and every time I’d go into the kitchen to see what she was doing she’d already be on her way out, clearly aware that I was trying to sneak up on her.

So I bided my time, changed her water, and formulated a plan.

Which basically was me trying to go all stealth mode—camera phone in hand—and sneak into the kitchen when Ramona was in there. And it took a couple of tries but I totally caught her.

She just sits in the kitchen with her paw in the dish. Just sits there, not a care in the world. With a wet paw. And I mean sits. Comfy as can be.

No wonder my floors have cat prints all over them.

Ah well. She’s an odd one. And getting up there in years.

In related news, I’ve had to pay attention to my car gauge dealies lately because the temp gauge keeps threatening to wander into the red. It does this periodically. And every time I take it in and mention it they don’t seem to believe me. Because there is nothing wrong when I take it in.

But that’s neither here nor there. Point being, I noticed that my sweet little car was about to reach 70,000 miles.

So I had to document it.

And when I took the picture my temp gauge was in the red, but if you look at the picture, it looks like it’s fine. That’s how tricky my car is!

Ah, that’s a lie.