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A few thoughts for the day:

1. Ever had a nightmare that was so scary that you forced yourself to wake up? I do it every once in awhile. Except because I’m forcing myself to wake up my brain has trouble adjusting and I’m in this weird limbo between REM sleep and waking so it’s all fucked up.

Anyway. Last night I had a similar experience. Except my dream was so incredibly boring I had to force myself to wake up. It was that dull.

2. I went over to a friend’s house last Saturday for dinner and DVDs and he had rented the fourth and fifth season of Trailer Park Boys. He wasn’t sure if I like it or not, but now that he knows I do, he’s been sending me pictures of Bubbles. Heh.

3. I am loving working from home full-time again. Although I loudly fire myself on a daily basis, just because I miss the screaming matches I’ve had to endure for two out of two of my jobs. My neighbors look at me weird.