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Is that Flash music player not awesome? I find it awesome.

So I needed a brain break earlier. My internet kept going down. And just when it would come back up, there’d be a power thing and the lights would dim for a second. And then I’d lose my internet and have to reboot the router. This happened maybe five times. I was starting to take it personal.

Oh! Sidetrack! Hang on…

So as you may or may not recall I wrote a few weeks ago about an interesting addition to the list of wireless connections in my ‘hood. And I speculated then that the wireless network might be the newest mode of communication. And fuck me sideways if I wasn’t on to something. Because today as I was trying to get my internet back up I saw this:

Huh? Huh?

Nutty. It’s all I can do not to change my listing to “I’m LUE and you all SUCK” or “LUE got a restraining order”. Or maybe a more concise “LUEsers!”

If I have to sit and wildly speculate about this damn LUE thing I might as well do my part to make other people wonder.

Anyway, where was I? Oh. Music.

Actually the story I was going to tell is both boring and rather embarrassing so I’ll just skip it. Instead I will mention that we are currently in a winter weather advisory dealie until Wednesday because of the cold. I have never heard of a weather advisory issued that would last until the next day.

It’s cold out.