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Coverage of the bridge collapse has died down at the moment. Soon the people who were lamenting the fact that this dangerous bridge wasn’t closed earlier will be bitching about traffic and how their commute has been so terribly affected.

So one of the issues I run into working at the print shop (which also has copy and fax services) is that I tend to notice what people are copying and/or faxing.

Occupational hazard.

And one of the people that comes in to fax stuff on a regular basis is on the losing end of a lottery scam. You know the ones where they tell you that you’ve won thousands of dollars (in a lottery you’ve never entered) and eventually it turns out you have to pay some bank a small portion in order to collect.

And I’ve told her on a few occasions that it’s a scam. And every time she tells me she knows what she’s doing and I don’t know what I’m talking about.

I mean, there’s only so nosy I can be without seeming creepy.


Anyway, turns out (as of the latest fax) she’s already paid these people $1,500. There goes her “I know what I’m doing.” defense.

So, long story longer: you cain’t get nothin’ fer free.