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Sunday. I’m done working for the night. Trying to do any Photoshop work of any magnitude on my laptop is like…

Analogy, Claire. Analogy!

Like trying to walk a cat. You try and take some nice steps and the cat freezes and refuses to move. Then you try and take little steps to coax it along and the cat still won’t move. Eventually the cat starts eating the grass and then throws up everywhere. At which point you have to concede defeat.

My laptop just threw up grass.

I’ve been trying to find some interesting things for the webcam but to no avail. It occurs to me that the TV I’m watching is sitting on top of a wooden crate filled with toys from my childhood. I’ll have to investigate.

In the meantime, I finally found a picture of my Grandma. It’s a nice picture. She’d hate it. She hated having her picture taken.

One of the things she and I had in common.

Ah well. I should turn in for the night. It’ll give my laptop some time to recover.