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I suppose I ought to wrap up the hospital stay. It’s been long enough:

Bottom line: overstress, overwork, poor nutrition and a whole host of other things landed me in the hospital. They kept me for a few days, pumped me full of blood, gave me lots of pills, scolded me for not taking care of myself, and sent me on my way.

So no sooner did I get out of the hospital than my grandmother’s health took a turn for the worse. I mean, pretty much the day I got out. So last week my mom spent much of her time with her mom. It was hard to see Grandma. She looked like she was in incredible pain. They upped her drugs and toward the end of the week she was better. Better as in she was sleeping all the time.

On Friday the rest of her immediate family came to be with her. Saturday I had just finished work and was heading out to see her when mom called to tell me she had passed away.

So that’s pretty much been the main focus of my time. That and trying to get all my work done around the visitation and funeral.

I’m a little stressed.

Grandma had been diagnosed with dementia years ago, and over the past year the Alzheimer’s had really become more and more apparent. She seemed to know faces, but not names.

But she never lost her sense of humor. Never got mean, never had severe personality changes… always just the sweetest peron.

We’ve been going over photos of her and her family, trying to pick some out for a DVD slideshow and for some boards to display at the visitation. Grandma HATED having her photo taken, so it’s been hard finding photos that we felt she would be okay with having out in public. We even found a note in her effects dated and signed which stated, in no uncertain terms, that there was NOT to be a photo included in her obituary.

Strangely enough, she married a photographer.