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Looking through my logs for the day I noticed a search string:

What’s wrong with Marissa Cooper

She’s dead. That’s what’s wrong.

To be fair, the person may be watching earlier seasons. Either way it made me laugh.

Ah well.

Random Story: I was at a greeting card store and noticed there was a huge section of musical cards for sale (the signage was pretty prominent). Which are so annoying. I’m just saying.

I watched this guy walk over to the section, pick one up, open it, and recoil in horror as it started to play its little ditty. He quickly closed it, looked around (clearly embarassed), and put it back.

Two seconds later he picked up a nearby card, opened it, and again seemed shocked when it played music.

I think it took him opening at least six cards before he finally realized that they all played music.

I don’t know why, but I thought it was funny.