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I always tend to write these at 3AM. Which explains a lot, I think.

Aside from one or two disappointing outcomes, I think this election wrapped up nicely.

I am, however, disappointed in my neighboring state of Wisconsin. Voting for a ban on same sex marriage? I expected more from you, cheese heads.

In other news: I got this absolutely awesome pamphlet today.

There’s a vintage record store nearby and the owner came in to make some 2-sided copies of a random flyer. Before she left, she handed me one. Apparently someone had dropped it off amongst a collection of local free papers and pamphlets by her front door.

Its title was “ROCK N’ ROLL TAKES ITS TOLL!” And it listed how purchasing rock and roll automatically promotes (among other things) witchcraft, nudity, drunkeness, homosexuality and godless cults.

Among other things.

But my favorite passage?

[Rock n’ Roll’s] mawkish, maudlin, madness assaults our ears and insults our intelligence.

Which borders on poetry, really.