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What a weird week. It just is. I have no cute anecdotes, no funny stories, no lucid rants. It’s just been a weird week.

But the Sixth Annual Gardner Anvil Drop is now over. It may just have been the best one yet.

I completely missed the first anvil dropping because someone was jumping around in front of me. Which made me mad, but the third drop was the money shot. And it was kind of cool watching people with their cellphones in the air recording the drop. Maybe it’ll show up on YouTube.

And there was more watermelon. The one time my cousin listens to me it has to do with fruit. He spent the event (or most of it) on the roof so I hung out with my aunt.

I can’t wait for next year. Especially since I suggested having a meat raffle next year and there was some interest.

Alright, I should go update the site.