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It’s that time again. Gardner Hardware Anvil Drop time.

Exclusively at planetclaire.org: a shot of the Gardner Hardware anvil during the off-season. But in a little over a week—August 10th to be exact—it will be flung off the roof onto an unsuspecting car.

Although personally I like the watermelon better. They do more collateral damage.

And, having just gotten off of the phone with my inside source, I have been assured that there will be “lots and lots of watermelon” this year.


I think I’m going to try and convince him to do a meat raffle next year. Just plain raffles are so 2005.

It sounds like this will be the biggest anvil drop in some time. And I’m completely and utterly biased, but it’s a fair piece of fun to watch.

Anyway, further details are here.

In other news, there’s an ad for a sub shop with BBQ owners asking that this sub shop not have a BBQ sub. Or something. I wasn’t really paying attention.

But I glanced at the screen and thought, “The hell?”. I had to pause and rewind to make sure my eyes weren’t going. One of the owners appears to have an apron on that says “LITTTLE ED’S”. Now maybe the apron’s creased weird, or maybe there is such a place, or maybe I’m going insane, but now it’s going to drive me nuts.

For like five minutes.