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The VMA’s are tomorrow. I think I’ll make a sincere and concerted effort not to watch. It’ll be hard, especially since I enjoy seeing who hasn’t quite mastered the art of lip-synching. But I have to be strong.

MTV sucks. As much as they try to pretend they’re not a corporate shill… they’re just a corporate shill. The last thing that network cares about is music.

I realize that it’s all about the cash. And I actually have no problem with that. Just step up and admit it. There’s nothing more pathetic than claiming indie cred and counterculture ideals while consistently and clearly selling out whenever and wherever possible.

I suppose today is not the day to rail against the talentless hacks involved in the popular music industry these days.

Because that rant would be far too lengthy.

And I am far too grumpy.

Speaking of music, however, I finally found Tim Easton’s Break Your Mother’s Heart. It was, as suspected, somewhere in my car. Under the passenger side seat, actually. A little worse for wear, but I tested it and there was nary a skip.

In other news: just saw an ad for Fargo, which is on our local PBS station tonight. I swear we don’t talk like that.

One of the clips they showed featured the two hookers talking to Frances McDormand’s character about going to high school in White Bear Lake. Which is where I am going today for a wedding.

That actually has no relevant information, but I thought it was funny.

I might as well throw in what will likely be my last Summer season past rant posting:

RANDOM STORY: The Coen brothers (Fargo) found a house they thought was perfect for exterior shots of the home of the sheriff (Frances McDormand) in Fargo located about a block away from my home when I was growing up. But it was summer and there was no snow. So to shoot it, they put fake snow everywhere. Took six months to dissipate.

They never used the footage, actually. And the only reason we knew what was going on was because my mom and I were heading out for a walk only to find the entire block closed off and huge spotlights everywhere. I think we actually found the home owner standing around and asked him what was going on.

Oh, and the used car lot they filmed in has been lost to the ages and Best Buy’s new headquarters.