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I was headed home today from the ex-office (I have yet to come up with decent terminology to explain my current situation) and a news update came on the radio I was listening to. Apparently the Minneapolis mayor is considering giving out licenses to panhandlers in the city.

At first I thought, Awesome. Giving homeless people licenses would make it so much easier for them to apply for jobs or just generally help.

But no. It’s because the cops would have an easier time processing the rowdier ones.


No, really: what? I get that it might make running their identities easier or something. But…

I give up. Stranger things could happen. Like the president pushing heavily for a resurgence of nuclear power.

I’m currently working on a Bible. A Bible, you say? Yeah. ICB version. I did the math. This is at least my 15th Bible typesetting. I think the number’s closer to 20, but I can’t remember them all.

In mindless news: Constantine got booted from American Idol (yeah I have been watching it). Aside from my general misgivings about the entire concept in terms of the music indistry, I thought he would have gotten further. I liked Constantine.

In even more mindless news: I’ve watched a few episodes of America’s Top Model. Or… whatever it’s called. It’s mainly background noise. And I find myself disturbed by the potential models’ lack of vocabulary. Tonight, no one knew what the word “aloof” meant. Last time I watched, some of the problem words/phrases were “magenta”, “Christian LaCroix”, and “eating a balanced meal”. I forget the rest of the flubbed lines, but man. Way to reinforce a stereotype.