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It’s rather cold in Minnesota as of late. Which makes me think of my cabin. Weird jump, yeah?


Mainly because my family has a cabin in a town where the weather is completely unpredictable. We always had the joke: “You don’t like the weather? Wait 15 minutes and it’ll change.”

And it did.

I actually haven’t mentioned my cabin on this little page in 3 years.

Which is a shame as I really like my family cabin. A few fun facts:

So here’s what I orginally wrote:

My cabin is in rural Wisconsin (Port Wing). During Prohibition it was a bar. They brewed corn beer in the basement and had dribble glasses at the bar for newcomers. They even had a sandwich (The Hilltop) that was an open-faced sandwich Dad still makes. Al Capone and his gang hung out in nearby Cornucopia, Wisconsin and funded the boys club there. Apparently one day Al needed a ride home to Chicago and asked my grandfather to drive. I’ve seen the remnants (I have shot glasses) and believe the story. I like my family history.

I talked with a client this morning about a project I’m working on for her. More of that in a second.

She woke me up from a dream that took place in my bedroom. I mean, I was in my bedroom sleeping, obviously, but the dream also took place in my room.

Anyway, in this dream, I was awoken out of my sleep by the actor who played BJ Honicutt (sp.?) on MASH, who jumped into my bed to tell me that he went to a Britney Spears concert last night and learned she needed a make-up artist, so since he knew I didn’t have a job, he wanted to pass on the info.

Which was weird because I remembered (we’re still in the dream here) that not long ago Alan Alda (Hawkeye) had visited me to tell me about another open job with Ms. Spears. It was like website maintenance or something.

After BJ left, I proceeded to start cleaning my room because it was a complete disaster area. I apparently had a party the night previous and we trashed the place. So I started picking up discarded food (there were pancake remnants all over my comforter) and toys (lots of trains) and then noticed that between my mattress and boxpring was a Scattergories box. I looked again to make sure, and Jack from Will and Grace and some other guy just settled in and started playing. I scolded them and Jack took off, but the other guy gave me a hand getting the box out.

Then there was this whole other segment with a children’s birthday party in an adjoining room and some confusion over some miniature dolls and I really should just go back to bed because I apparently need more sleep.

UPDATE: I did go back to sleep. And had an even weirder dream. I was living in an apartment building and my friend Shanny lived on the floor below, so I went to visit her. A friend of hers really wanted to pick up a six-pack of beer so I agreed to drive. When we got to the lobby, someone realized they had forgotten something, so we endeavoured to go back to her apartment. Or my apartment. I don’t remember.

We got lost and ended up in a ritzy heretofore undiscovered section of the building. Where we couldn’t be seen by residents or they would release their attack dogs. Then some other stuff with a small kitten stuck in a heating vent. I won’t continue.

And it really begs some questions that I don’t really want answered, such as:

• Where the hell did the MASH actors fit into this? I haven’t seen an episode in years.

• Where the hell does Britney Spears fit into this? As far as I can recall, I’m not a fan, nor would I be a competent make-up artist. Unless she paid me a lot.

Anyway, back to aforementioned client. I’m creating a Flash presentation for a speaking engagement she has this week. She mentioned that she saw Maroon 5 last night. It took me a moment to remember that this was a band and not a movie or something.

I know I’ve heard a song or two of theirs but I was surprised to find out that the show was in the Excel Energy Stadium, which is quite large. I would have expected them to be playing, say, First Ave. or the Quest.

So I asked if they were the opening band or the main act. She said no, that the opening band was some group called The Thrills. She got there after their set and missed them.

Sigh. Although I think seeing either band (especially The Thrills) in a stadium would suck anyway. So there.