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There’s a documentary on Children’s Memorial in Chicago on tpt2. There were two liver transplant possibilities and one cancer survivor. They brought in a liver for transplant. Apparently now they can segment a donor’s liver so several children can get a new liver. They have to sew up 400 (400!?!) different blood vessels to ensure that no blood spurts from the liver once transplanted. I can’t imagine the skill that is needed to do that and do it with the utmost urgency and skill. Medical advances both amaze and scare the hell out of me.

Switching tracks again: Soldiers are perhaps the most under-appreciated people on the face of this earth. I remember being young and thinking how horrible it was that Vietnam vets were spit upon when they returned. They weren’t making the decisions. They were following orders and trying desperately to stay alive. To go thru hell and back and then come back to the protests is, to me, unconscionable. I’m guessing I just spelled that wrong.