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PSA: Turn your clocks back, kids. It’s Daylight Savings time.

I have a story. It’s lame, but it’s a story.

Due to various… dicey things going down at work, we’ve had our accountants in full time. And last week I needed to talk to one of them, so I popped my head in the door. She was on the phone. She turned around abruptly and jumped. Apparently I scared the crap out of her. She swore she’d get even.

Let me just describe her quick: She’s teeny, and wears very pale foundation and bright pink lipstick.

I was working away diligently, and all of the sudden, right by my ear, I hear “BOO!”. I turned, saw the accountant, and screamed. I hadn’t heard her approach, didn’t realize she was next to me, and freaked. She looked like a ghost. And it’s Halloween.

It was a little embarrassing.

So a few hours later, I’m working away and suddenly hear “BOO!” in my ear again. Again, I screamed.