The Telltale Clocks


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A continuance of random week. You’ve been warned.

They didn’t use my hand and horseshoe shot in the cookbook. So Heathrow and I had to go throw horseshoes to redo the shot. She pretended to be throwing and I was just out of the shot a few feet from the pole thingie throwing them. It turned out pretty cool.

When we got back, we found that the boys had hidden three talking clocks in our office.

The back story:

I found the clocks a few weeks ago whilst cleaning out an office. You press a button and it dings and tells you the time. You can also set it up so it goes off every hour. So I handed them out thinking that people’s kids might like them.

I forgot, unfortunately, that my co-workers are kids. They started hiding them everywhere: in desks, in cabinets, in drawers. One was even found in the ceiling.

Lately it has become a war between Heathrow and myself against two of our co-workers. And the war has been escalating. Today, anytime we’d leave our desk they’d hide them again. We’d have to find them and think up a new hiding place in their offices.

It got so that at the top of the hour we’d have to turn off all music, position ourselves at different points in the office, and listen closely. By the end of the day we had three clocks we were searching for.

So we cooked up the ultimate hiding place. Both guys have empty cabinets by their desks. We put them in there, locked it, and hid the keys. Unless they jimmy the lock, they’re stuck with them.

Once they get rid of them, I’m going to record the alarm sound and put it on their computers as the hourly sound. The best part is, I know a way to make files invisible, so there’s no way they can get rid of it.