Death Cab is menacing me, dammit.


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I’m watching I Love the 80’s: 1987.

Don’t judge.

Anyway, they’re discussing the REM song It’s the End of the World. I think that’s the only song to reference Lester Bangs.

Years ago, a local radio station was bought out and they had a weekend to wrap things up. A DJ cued up that song and played it continuously for the entire weekend. It was weirdly addicting. I remember checking it just to see if it was still on and then just leaving it on and bopping away. I don’t know if it’s an original idea, but I thought it was kind of clever.

I have nothing to write about today, but I do have a disturbing turn of events to announce.

I went to Lund’s today to get groceries and when I left the apartment, I noticed that there was shattered glass by my car. Wearing sandals, I figured I should find a different place to park when I got back. As having glass embedded in my feet would, you know, suck.

So when I returned home, I secured a new spot, parked, got out of the car, looked up, and found myself staring at Death Cab for Claire. It’s moved onto my side of the block.

It’s menacing me, dammit.