The Jury Tally


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Oz/Homicide/Tom Fontana tally for this evening’s episode of The Jury:

• A friend of Gee’s from Homicide that was murdered, as Mr. Milton, a prosecutor
• Vern Schillinger (JK Simmons) as Ron, a juror
• Cyril O’Reily as the foreman
• George Morfogen as a juror
• Robson (RE Rodgers) as CO (!) Zimney
• Kareem Said (Eamonn Walker) as a juror
• Dino Ortolani (Jon Seda) as a juror
• Mama O’Reily (Betty Buckley) as a juror
• Vern’s daughter-in-law, Carrie, as a juror
• Poet (Mums) as a juror
• Ricardo’s sister as a juror
• Maybe a brother of Ricardo’s as a juror?

It’s about a prison riot! My god, it’s like watching eight episodes of Oz with all these people in the same room. Absolutely fun.

Also one of the “This statement is false” gimmicks. C’mon, Tom.