Sheriff: Things like this aren't supposed to happen here. Mulder: A forty-two-year-old real estate agent murders four strangers with his bare hands? It's not supposed to happen anywhere.

The X-Files Season 2


1994.09.30    S02E03

David Duchovny  Dean Haglund  George Touliatos  Gillian Anderson  John Cygan  Kimberly Ashlyn Gere  Tom Braidwood

Sheriff Spencer (John Cygan): Things like this aren’t supposed to happen here.
Mulder: A forty-two-year-old real estate agent murders four strangers with his bare hands? It’s not supposed to happen anywhere.

Mulder: …there have been reported abductee paranoia in UFO mass abduction cases.
Scully reading the report: I was wondering when you’d get to that.
Mulder: I find no evidence of this to be the case.

Mulder: In all honesty, Scully, I’ve never had a more difficult time developing a profile. There is no way to know who will be a killer. Or who will be killed.

Mulder: May we come in?
Bonnie McRoberts (Kimberly Ashlyn Gere): I’m late for work.
Mulder: You can blame me.

Mulder: Imagine being one of those flies on the wall of the Oval Office.
Frohike (Tom Braidwood): Been there. Done that.

Mulder: Have you ever come across this chemical compound?
Langly (Dean Haglund): LSDM. Obviously you haven’t read our August edition of TLG.
Mulder: Oh, I’m sorry boys. It arrived the same day as my subscription to Celebrity Skin.

Frohike: So Mulder, where’s your little partner?
Mulder: She wouldn’t come. She’s afraid of her love for you.
Frohike: She’s tasty.
Mulder: You know, Frohike, it’s men like you that give perversion a bad name.

Mulder about the night vision goggles: Hey Frohike, can I borrow those?
Frohike: If I can have Scully’s phone number {cut to a shot of Mulder using the night vision goggles}

Mulder: Look, if you’re the one who’s responsible for the illegal spraying, then the sooner you take responsibility the sooner people will stop dying. The killers all resided near heavily sprayed areas.
Larry Winter (George Touliatos): You don’t live here, Mulder I live here. I have my heart in this town. I have three children. I’m not going to dump poison on them.
Mulder: Yeah, well if it’s so safe then why was it done in secret?
Larry Winter: What kind of a crusade are you on?
Sheriff Spencer: Answer the question! Are we spraying?

Winter: There’s no proof whatsoever the spraying caused violent behavior. It was proven to me to be safe.
Mulder: By who? Who proved it to you?

Scully: I’m sorry, Mulder, he’s right. I’d love to tell you that I flew three hundred miles in the middle night to perform tests that prove that you’re about to become the next Charles Manson, but I find little physiological evidence that states that LSDM has toxically affected you.

Mulder: Scully, are you familiar with subliminal messages?
Scully: You mean like sex in ice cubes in liquor ads? That’s paranoia.
Mulder: No, it’s a fact.

Mulder: He’s probably one of those people that thinks Elvis is dead.
Scully: Mulder, I was wrong. Exposure to the insecticide does induce paranoia.
Mulder: I think this area is being subjected to a controlled experiment.
Scully: Controlled by who? By the government? By a corporation? By the Reticulans?