Frohike: I don't understand. Why would the government want to turn Scully into a bimbo?

The X-Files Season 6

Three of a Kind

1999.05.02    S06E20

Bruce Harwood  Charles Rocket  Dean Haglund  Gillian Anderson  Jim Fyfe  John Billingsley  Michael McKean  Signy Coleman  Tom Braidwood

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Byers (Bruce Harwood): My name is John Fitzgerald Byers. I was named after our 35th president. And I keep having this beautiful dream. In my dream, the events of November 22, 1963, never happened. In it, my namesake was never assassinated. Other things are different too in my dream. My country is hopeful and innocent. Young again. Young in spirit. My fellow citizens trust their elected officials, never once having been betrayed by them. Our government is ttruly of the people, by the people, for the people. All my hopes for my country, for my self, all are fulfilled. I have everything a person could want. Home and family. And love. Everything that counts for anything in life. I have it. But the dream ends the same way every time. I lose it all.

Richard Langly (Dean Haglund): Why does Byers get to do the undercover?
Melvin Frohike (Tom Braidwood): ‘Cause this ain’t Woodstock.

Frohike: You’re still looking for her, aren’t you? Susanne Modeski.
Byers: We met her at a convention.
Frohike: Ten years ago. In Baltimore. And we both know what happened to her. Most likely she’s dead.
Byers: No. She was a brilliant scientist. Too important to the government.
Frohike: Buddy. Either way, I know we’re both hoping she’s in a better place than Las Vegas.

Frohike about Scully: She’s gonna kick our ass.

Jimmy (Jim Fyfe): Go brush you hair, Michael Bolton.

Byers: Ten years ago I saw you thrown into a car. Kidnapped, right in front of me. Did that not happen? Did I just dream all of that?
Susanne Modeski (Signy Coleman): It happened. But things got better.

Frohike: Mata Hari.

Scully: I just can’t decide who lights my fire.
Frohike: That’s it. Alright you dandies, back off! This is Special Agent Dana Scully with the FBI. If you so much as touch her you may be committing a federal offense. Come on.
Morris Fletcher (Michael McKean): We could have had stardust.
Scully: Maybe next time. she slaps his ass.
Morris: Oo.

Frohike: I don’t understand. Why would the government want to turn Scully into a bimbo?

Susanne: I don’t understand. Why save me? Why save my life just to take it away?
Grant Ellis (Charles Rocket): You know why.
Susanne: You were done with me. You had what you wanted.
Grant: They had what they wanted. The project was over. Honest to god, it wasn’t my idea.
Susanne: All those years you spent gaining my trust. You pretended that you loved me. What could they possibly give you for that? What was it worth to you, Grant? What was your price? What did you get?
Grant: Life. They’d kill me.
Timmy (John Billingsley): Hello.
Grant: I’m so sorry Susanne.

Timothy Landau: You know the best thing about killing you three? I won’t have to dress like you anymore.

Scully on the phone with Mulder: What do you mean you didn’t call me? … Oh man. I am going to kick their asses.

Langly: You know Byers, growing old with us ain’t so bad.
Frohike: Oh, shut up, Langly. Do you really want him to kill himself?