Skinner: You spelled Federal Bureau of Investigation wrong. “Mulder”: It's a typo. Skinner: Twice.

The X-Files Season 4

Small Potatoes

1997.04.20    S04E20

Christine Cavanaugh  Darin Morgan  David Duchovny  Gillian Anderson

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Amanda (Christine Cavanaugh): I didn’t say the baby’s father was an alien. I said he was from another planet. His name is Luke Skywalker and he’s what’s known as a Jedi Knight.
Scully: Did he have a light saber?
Amanda: No. He didn’t bring it.

Scully: What are you saying, that Van Blundht is an alien?
Mulder: Not unless they have trailer parks in space.

Mulder: Scully if you could be somebody else for a day, who would it be?
Scully: Hopefully myself.
Mulder: That’s so boring. I mean wouldn’t you even be tempted to try on body else’s existence for a day? Live your life as somebody else.
Scully: Looking like someone else, Mulder, and being someone else are completely different things.
Mulder: Maybe it’s not. Everybody else around you would treat you like you were somebody else. And ultimately maybe it’s other people’s reactions to us that make us who we are.

Scully: All right then. Eleanor Roosevelt.
Mulder: Can’t be a dead person.
Scully: How do you know that?
Mulder: Because.

Skinner: Which one of you wrote this?
“Mulder” (Darin Morgan): I did sir.
Skinner: You spelled Federal Bureau of Investigation wrong.
“Mulder”: It’s a typo.
Skinner: Twice.