Scully: You said it yourself once. You said that a dream was an answer to a question we haven't learned how to ask.

The X-Files Season 4

Paper Hearts

1995.12.15    S04E10

Byrne Piven  David Duchovny  Gillian Anderson  Mitch Pileggi  Tom Noonan

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Mulder: I keep having a dream. It’s about a little blonde girl.
Scully: You’re saying you’re out here because of something you saw in a dream?

Scully: I don’t think that you ever stopped thinking about this case. I believe that you may have solved it in your sleep.
Mulder: So you think that I somehow had this information about a fourteenth victim all the time and I’ve been processing it unconsciously?
Scully: You said it yourself once. You said that a…  a dream was an answer to a question we haven’t learned how to ask.

Mr. Sparks (Byrne Piven): This was for the tooth fairy. When Addie was asleep at night, I’d come put a quarter in this pocket. Her mother sewed it.

Mr. Sparks: I used to think that missing was worse dead, because you never knew what happened. Now that I know… I’m glad my wife’s not here. She got luckier.

Scully: Don’t you think the car might have been searched at least once already?
Mulder: Not by me.

Mulder: We found Addie Sparks.
John Lee Roche (Tom Noonan): Congratulations, I guess.
Scully: We also found your cloth hearts. All 16 of them.

Mulder: Where were you in 1973?
Roche: The whole year?
Mulder: November. 27th of November. Do you know what I’m getting at?
Roche: I was selling vacuum cleaners in 1973. I made a sales trip to Martha’s Vineyard that year. I sold a vacuum cleaner to your dad.He bought it for your mom. I believe it was the, ah, ElectroVac Duchess, or the Princess model. Your dad and I talked about it at great length. He really had a hard time choosing.
Mulder: What do you know about my sister?
Roche: You bring me my and maybe I’ll tell you more.

Scully: He is playing emotional blackmail and you are letting him. You walked into that room with your heart on your sleeve. He saw a vulnerability and he took advantage of it.

Mulder: Scully, do you believe that my sister Samantha was abducted by aliens? {Silence} Have you ever believed that? No. So what do you think happened to her?

Skinner: You’ve gotten too close to this, Mulder. You’ve let this man get to you.
Mulder: I have reason to believe he can tell us what happened to my sister Samantha.
Scully: It is looking possible, sir.

Scully: It’s not her.
Mulder: It’s somebody though.

Scully: I would hope that you’d appreciate the uniqueness of this situation and its effect on Agent Mulder.
Skinner: I fully understand the effect it has on him, Agent Scully. As I recall that was the sum and total of my last words to you on that subject. You let me down. Let’s clean up this mess before it gets completely out of hand.

Roche: You’re just resisting me.
Mulder: And you’re in the wrong house, you stupid son of a bitch.

Roche: I hear things about you, Mulder. You know what I heard? I heard you go after aliens in space.

Roche: I’m beginning to believe we do share that… nexus you spoke of. You always seem to find me.