Torchwood Series 2



Bryan Dick

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Jack: You’re late!
Gwen: Yes. Paris, was lovely thank you. {sees a new person} Who the hell is this?
Adam (Bryan Dick): Just ’cause that’s what I said to you on your first day. Remember? {he implants their history}
Gwen: Sorry, couldn’t resist!

Gwen: He’s deluded! He keeps saying he’s my boyfriend.
Jack: He is. Its Rhys.
Gwen: I’ve never seen him before in my life!

Owen: Tosh, do you really think I look like a rodent?

Jack: I let go of his hand. It was the worst day of my life. It’s the last day I want to remember.

Tosh: You write about artifacts in your diary?
Ianto: Among other things.

Adam: What’s wrong?
Ianto: My diary. You’re not in it. Everyone else is. Why would I leave you out when you’ve been here so long? Like I’m remembering a man who doesn’t exist.

Adam: All human record is a lie. You twist it into what you want to believe.

Rhys: Do you remember that?
Gwen: No. It felt like the first time. But it was nice.

Adam: Jack, you know me. You recruited me three years ago.
Jack: All I know is that when I think of my team I see you there but I don’t feel anything for you. No pride, no warmth.

Jack: Let me take you back to before we all met.

Owen: I don’t do flowers. And I definitely don’t do apologies.

Jack: I found your diary. And for the record, measuring tapes never lie.