Torchwood Series 3

Day Three


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Ianto: This is us. This is Torchwood. This is home.

Gwen: That alien voice thing said they are arriving today and we are stuck in the back end of beyond.
Jack: Yeah, but we’re together. The old team. We’re down, we’re not out, yeah? We’ve survived worse than this.
Gwen: Yeah.
Jack: Besides, I don’t know how much fighting you should do in your condition.
Rhys: What’s that mean?
Gwen: Christ, Jack.
Rhys: He knows you’re pregnant? You told him before me, didn’t you?
Gwen: Rhys, he just happened to be there and it happened really, really fast.
Rhys: Last to know. Last to bloody know! Well thank you very much.
Gwen: Hey! You stupid man. {to Jack} Couldn’t you just keep it shut?
Ianto: All together. The old team.

Rhiannon Davies (Katy Wix): That’s it now, Johnny. No more kids. I’m full to bursting.
Johnny Davies (Rhodri Lewis): It’s a public service! The schools are closed. People still gotta work. Life goes on.
Rhiannon: Yeah, with you making a profit.
Johnny: Ten quid a kid. Look, that could be our slogan. “Ten quid a kid.”

Gwen: These are not just contact lenses. These are Torchwood contact lenses.
Ianto: But what are we going to use them for?
Gwen: Well, there’s only one person still talking to us.

Lois Habiba (Cush Jumbo): I’ve helped you once and that’s enough. If anybody finds out what I’m doing, it’s treason. It’s literally treason. Offenses like this can be tried without a jury. They could do anything to me.
Gwen: I know, but you said they’re building something at Thames House and we need to find out what it is.
Lois: That’s the most secure building in the whole country. I can’t exactly smuggle you in.
Gwen: You don’t have to, just… just keep your eyes open. Like this. {she shows her the contacts camera}

Lois: Giving you information’s one thing, but that’s putting me right on the front line.
Gwen: You’re the only friend we’ve got left.
Lois: Even if I get into Thames House, I can’t get onto floor thirteen. That’s where they’re building this thing. But Frobisher only take Ms. Spears with him. I’m just the office girl.
Gwen: Well you’ll have to find a way inside.
Lois: But how?
Gwen: I don’t know, you… you have to think of something.

Jack: Frobisher’s the key to this. He’s just a civil servant, he’s nothing. What makes him start authorizing executions?

Ianto: What did it feel like? I mean, getting blown up.
Jack: It wasn’t the best of days.
Ianto: No, but… Did you feel it? Or did everything just go black?
Jack: I felt it.
Ianto: Shit.
Jack: Yeah.
Ianto: Do you ever feel that one day your luck will run out? That you won’t come back?
Jack: I’m a fixed point in time and space. That’s what the Doctor says. I think that means it’s forever.
Ianto: So one day you’ll see me die, old age, and just keep going?
Jack: Yeah.
Ianto: We better make the most of it then.
Jack: I suppose.
Ianto: Like right now?
Jack: Ianto, the world could be ending.
Ianto: The world’s always ending. And I have missed that coat.

Jack: So Ianto, what’s his story?
Ianto: Ah, well according to Gwen it was your classic alien abduction back when he was a kid. 1965.

John Frobisher (Peter Capaldi): What is it? Any sign of Harkness?
Agent Anderson (Liz May Brice): Sins of the past. Did you know he’s got a daughter?
Frobisher: Since when?
Anderson: Alice Carter. She was put into deep cover way back in 1977 at the request of her mother, seeking to distance herself from the life of Captain Jack. Can hardly blame her.

Frobisher: Bridget, get everything you’ll need. We’ll transfer to Thames House.
Lois: What do you want me to do?
Bridget Spears (Susan Brown): Exactly what you’re doing now. Just answer the phones.
Lois: Or I could come with you to Thames House. I could help.
Bridget: I don’t think so.
Lois: The thing is, Mr. Frobisher asked me to come.
Bridget: When was that?
Lois: He said he wanted me. At his side.
Bridget: What for? Why on earth would he need you?
Lois: It was a private conversation.
Bridget after considering: You’re not the first, you know. Don’t go thinking you’re the first.
Lois: Then I can come?
Bridget: Apparently so.

PC Andy Davidson (Tom Price): You’re alive.
Gwen: Yes I’m still alive, you idiot. Now shut up. I need some help.
PC Andy: We need you. All these kids saying, “We are coming.” And that’s today. I mean what’s it going to be? Like a spaceship? Or Godzilla.
Gwen: Oh Andy.

Steven Carter: It’s boring. I want to see aliens.
Alice Carter (Lucy Cohu): Yeah? Be careful what you wish for.

The Children: We are here.

Clement McDonald (Paul Cople): It’s them. They’re back.

The 456: Speak.
Frobisher: My name is John Frobisher. Permanent Secretary to the Home Office of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. Earth. On behalf of the human race— {the creature flips out} Is there something wrong? Do you want me to continue? {silence} Then. If I could request, for the purpose of communication, we’ve no name for your species. What are you called?
The 456: You call us 456.
Frobisher: That’s correct.
The 456: Then that is our name.

Frobisher: If I could request, on behalf of my government, what is it that you want? Can you hear me? I’m sorry, but I need to know, before I approach my superiors, what exactly do you want? I must ask the 456 officially, your purpose in visiting—
The 456: Speak.
Frobisher: I am speaking!
The 456: We would speak.
Frobisher: With who?
The 456: The world.

General Austin Pierce (Colin McFarlane): I’ve been asked to convey from the President of the United States his absolute fury. Is that understood?
Prime Minister Brian Green (Nicholas Farrell): Very much so.
General Pierce: That landing wasn’t spontaneous, it was planned. It was prepared by you. And don’t go calling this diplomacy, Mr. Green. You’ve established a court, the sovereign court of Great Britain. In direct contradiction of the statutes of the United Nations.
PM Green: We were acting under orders.
General Pierce: Did they threaten you?
PM Green: I think we can say the mere existence of the 456 is a threat.
General Pierce: Nevertheless, you have an alien ambassador on British soil.

PM Green: John Frobisher’s already spoken to the 456. I suggest he continues. He’s a good man. And better than that, he’s expendable.

Clem: I keep remembering more. It’s the man he’s come back.
Gwen: What man? Who is he?
Clem: it’s the same man. I know he’d come back for me.

Jack: This is 1965, isn’t it? Frobisher, is it them? Tell me, have they come back?
Frobisher: Yes.
Jack: That’s why you tried to have me killed.
Frobisher: I had no choice.
Jack: Well I’ve got a choice. Do you want to hear my choice? I could blow this thing sky high. I can tell the world. Unless you get me into Thames House. I demand to talk to the 456 myself.

Frobisher: Captain, we have your daughter and grandson. Alice and Steven Carter are in our custody.
Jack: You what?
Frobisher: I promise nothing will happen to them—I absolutely promise. So long as you agree to say nothing.
Jack: Yeah well how about I go back into that house right now and get your wife. And your children.
Frobisher: Except you won’t. ‘Cause you’re a better man than me.

Lois: Right then. Good luck. {she smiles and the computer renders it}
Gwen: Oh don’t do that. I hate smileys.

General Pierce: Ask it why it came to Britain.
PM Green: Hardly top of the agenda.
General Pierce: Ask the question.

Frobisher: I have been given a request for specific information. It has been asked why the 456 chose Great Britain as its chosen point of embarkation.
The 456: We came here. You have no significance. You are middle men.
Gwen: That’s a lie, because it’s been here before. That’s why it’s here now. Why’s it lying?
Ianto: It’s Frobisher. They’re on the same side. Whatever happened in the past, they’re hiding it.

Frobisher: A gift. Gladly. But what do you want?
The 456: We want your children. We will take your children.

Frobisher: Our children. You mean—
The 456: Your descendants. The offspring of the human race.
Frobisher: How many?
The 456: Ten percent. We want ten percent. We want ten percent of the children of this world.

Jack: 1965. I gave them twelve children.
Gwen: What for?
Jack: As a gift.