Torchwood Series 1

Small Worlds


Adrienne O'Sullivan  Eve Pearce  Lara Phillipart

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Jack: You shouldn’t be here.
Ianto: Neither should you.
Jack: What have you got?
Ianto: Funny sort of weather patterns.

Estelle: Fairies are shy, you see. But I know in my heart that they’re friendly, loving creatures. She ends the lecture. Thank you.
Jack: Wrong. She always gets it wrong.

Gwen: Well I suppose one person’s good could be somebody else’s evil.
Estelle: That’s what his father used to say.

Lynn: You must never walk home alone. Do you understand? It’s not safe.
Jasmine: It’s alright, mum. No one can hurt me.

Estelle: Jack contacted me a few years ago. I was so surprised. So like his dad. Same walk, same smile. I hope he’s still alive. He’d be in his early 90s now.

Jack: Estelle shouldn’t be living in town. She belongs in the countryside.
Gwen: How often do you get to see her?
Jack: We meet up now and again.
Gwen: Whenever she sees her fairies?
Jack: She calls them fairies, I don’t.
Gwen: What do you call them?
Jack: They’ve never really had a proper name.
Gwen: Why not?
Jack: Something from the dawn of time. Who could possibly put a name to that?

Gwen: Are we talking alien?
Jack: Worse.
Gwen: How come?
Jack: Because they’re part of us—part of our world. Yet we know nothing about them. So we pretend to know what they look like. We see them as happy. We pretend they have tiny little wings and are bathed in moonlight.
Gwen: But they’re not?
Jack: No. Think dangerous. Think something you can only half-see. Like a glimpse, like something out of the corner of your eye. With a touch of myth, a touch of the spirit world, a touch of reality, all jumbled together. Old moments and memories that are frozen in amongst it. Like the breeze spinning around a ringed planet, tossing, turning, whirling. Backwards and forwards through time. If that’s them, we have to find them. Before all hell breaks loose.

Tosh: This is the youngest girl and the girl’s cousin.
Ianto: I blame it on magic mushrooms.
Jack: What you do in private is none of our business.
Gwen: These photographs were fake.
Owen: Conan Doyle believed in them.
Gwen: He was gaga at the time.
Owen: And Houdini.
Gwen: Self-publicist.

Tosh: So where’s this sighting then?
Jack: In a place called Roundstone Wood.
Owen: Oh, I know it. It has an odd history.
Jack: How do you mean “odd”?
Owen: It’s always stayed wild. In the ancient times it was considered bad luck to walk in there, even collect timber. Even the Romans stayed clear of it.

Estelle: You were right, Jack. There are bad ones. They’ve come to me.
Jack: Estelle, we’re on our way. Stay where you are. Don’t go anywhere near them. Do you understand?

Gwen: It wasn’t your dad that was in love with her all those years ago, was it? It was you.
Jack: We once made a vow. That we’d be with each other ’til we died.

Jack: All these so-called fairies were children once. From different moments in time. Going back millennia. Part of the Lost Lands.
Gwen: Lost Lands? What?
Jack: The lands that belong to them.
Gwen: What exactly do they want? Why are they here?
Jack: They want what’s theirs. The next Chosen One.

Lynn: So who are they?
Jasmine: Just friends.
Lynn: You should have invited them to the party.
Jasmine: They don’t like parties.
Lynn: I’m not surprised, if they live in trees.