Torchwood Series 1



Caroline Chikezie  Togo Igawa

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Ianto: Can you make it two pepperoni feasts tonight? And a tub of coleslaw. My boss says I’m not eating enough vegetables.

Dr. Tanizaki: My god. It’s not possible. One of them survived!
Ianto: This is Lisa.

Dr. Tanizaki: Tell me, what happened?
Ianto: She worked for Torchwood London. It was the end of the Canary Wharf battle. The Cybermen needed soldiers fast. They started upgrading whole bodies instead of transplanting brains, using earth technology. Lisa was halfway through the process when the machine was shut down.

Dr. Tanizaki: Amazing. Perhaps fifty-five percent augmentation. With forty-five percent waiting completion. Or perhaps, sixty-forty. It’s fascinating.

Dr. Tanizaki: What is the last thing you remember before coming here?
Lisa: Pain. I remember my body burning with pain.

Dr. Tanizaki: Sometimes in order to save what we love we have to risk losing it.

Tosh: All I’m saying is, once in awhile I’d like to drive.
Owen: Yeah, all I’m saying is no.
Tosh: Why not?
Owen: Look, I’ve shared cars with women before and I know what’ll happen. There’ll be an emergency. All rarin’ to go, I jump in, what do I find? Seat’s in the wrong position, the rearview mirror’s out of line and the steering wheel’s in my crotch. In the time it takes to sort it all out aliens will have taken Newport.

Ianto: What happened?
Lisa: His upgrade failed.

Jack: Ianto, I need hear those beautiful Welsh vowels.

Jack: Keep your comms open at all times. Any doubt, shoot first.

Gwen: What’s down here?
Owen: Normally? Nothing.

Gwen: What the hell is it?
Owen: It’s wrong. It’s beyond wrong. It shouldn’t be here.

Owen: These things brought down Torchwood One. They were all destroyed. Why is there one in our bloody basement?!
Gwen: Just tell me what it does.
Owen: It’s the remnants of a conversion unit. This machines turns humans into Cybermen.

Jack to Ianto: Get us back to the Hub.
Gwen: Jack, what are you doing?
Jack: Resisting the urge to shoot.

Ianto: Her name’s Lisa. She’s my girlfriend.
Gwen: Why didn’t you tell us? We could have helped you.
Ianto: Torchwood exists to destroy alien threats. Why would I tell you about her?

Jack: You need to figure out whose side you’re on here. Because if you don’t know, you’re not going to make it out of this alive.

Jack: You’ve been hiding in my basement. That’s okay. Draining my power? I can live with that. But now you’re hurting my friends. This has got to stop.

Gwen: What the hell was that?
Owen: What?
Gwen: Snogging me.
Owen: Last kiss for the condemned man. Bit embarrassing, given we haven’t been killed. What? It’s not like I fancy you or anything.
Gwen: I was on top of you. I could feel your hard-on.
Owen: Well you didn’t exactly struggle or anything.

Owen: You should be dead.
Jack: I’m a stubborn man.

Gwen: You would never have shot him, not really.
Jack: Wouldn’t I?
Gwen: Would you have shot me if I’d gone and stood by him?
Jack: But you didn’t.
Gwen: If I had though.
Jack: But you didn’t.

Gwen: When she got ahold of you, I thought—just for a moment—I thought maybe you could die after all.
Jack: Wanna know a secret? So did I. And just for a second there, I felt so alive.