Torchwood Series 4

Immortal Sins


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Ellis Island, New York City, USA

Colassanto (Daniele Favilli): You’re still here. I thought you’d be in the city by now.
Jack: Time to spare. Waiting for the next boat to Manhattan.
Colassanto: I am also waiting for a boat. Mine goes all the way back to Italy.
Jack: Right. That’s what they do with thieves.
Colassanto: The interesting fact is, they do it also with people who forge Visas.
Jack: Good eye.

Jack: What’s your name?
Colassanto: Angelo Colassanto.
Jack changing the Visa: Angelo Colassanto. It’s not magic. It’s technology. Sometimes they’re indistinguishable.

Voice: Keep the lenses in. We are watching.

Rex: How many views have we got now?
Esther: Over five million. People are setting up memorial services for her too. Just random people who didn’t even know her. I just, ah… you got the footage. That’s gonna make the difference, but I’ve been meaning to say… I know that that must have been… I’m sorry.
Rex: I gotcha.

Rex: Maybe her death has changed things. They shut down the camps.
No, the paused the camps. That’s all they’re saying. “Paused”. And while the politicians are all denying everything, those ovens are still out there. Waiting to burn.

Jack: You should save your money, Angelo Colassanto. The next couple of years, earn as much as you can. Then save it all up. ‘Cause you’re gonna need it. Bad times ahead.
Colassanto: Why? What’s going to happen?
Jack: Oh, so many things.

Jack: What are you looking for? I mean in America.
Colassanto: Speed. Change. New things. People moving so fast they’re not looking at me. So I can move fast on my own. Faster than anyone.

Jack: What happened to your eye?
Colassanto: I was born with it.

Jack: I’m tied down. Oo. Why am I tied down?
Gwen: They’re in my eyes.
Jack: What?
Gwen: They’re in my eyes. The contacts. They’re in my eyes. Somebody’s taken Anwen, Rhys, my mother, the whole bloody family. And they’ve said if I bring you they’ll let them go unharmed.

Jack: I want to talk to the lenses. Look at me so I can talk to them.
Gwen: Oh, why do you always keep thinking you can tell me what to do.
Jack: Pull over or look into the rearview. Just please. Let me talk to them.
Gwen: Don’t cock this up, okay?

Gwen: God, you’ve lived so long you can’t remember half of it. Now you think—think! What the hell have you done?

Jack: You’re Catholic, right? Do you want to kneel down like that?
Colassanto: He doesn’t hear me.
Jack: He doesn’t hear you why?
Colassanto: You know why.

Jack: Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. So many times. And that’s just today. It’s been about seven hundred years since my last confession.

Jack: If their grammar was wrong it could mean English is not their first language.
Gwen: I didn’t notice anything wrong with it.
Jack: You’re Welsh. You wouldn’t notice if the vowels were missing.
Gwen: Button it!

Voice: He always lies.
Gwen: Oh. Whoever this is, they know you.

Salvatore Maranzano: You will swear on everything that is holy, that you will deliver the box. And you will not look inside.
Jack: I promise.

Jack: I hear the beads clicking at night, Angelo. Everything we do, you ask for forgiveness afterwards. That’s just sex. Imagine if it was love.

Colassanto: Besides. I always hoped, if God is love, maybe he loves me too.
Jack: That’s blasphemy.
Colassanto: I think that’s Christianity.

Colassanto: You’re unpacking my things?
Jack: I’ve got this friend. He’s called the Doctor. He explores the world with a companion. It looks nice.

Jack: It’s a species of brain spawn. Treated as vermin on more than 150 planets that I know of. Valued as dinner on one other. It tastes like oysters.
Colassanto: You did not.
Jack: I had to be polite.

Jack: This part drills into the brain of the host and deposits its larvae there. Little worms, sharp and needles, pushing into the brain very slowly. You go insane. But it takes years. Franklin Roosevelt is going to be elected Governor of New York this November. But he wouldn’t start making the really crazy decisions until his second term as President. The result? America destabilizes, pulls out of the war. Germany rises, the Third Reich triumphant and there’s a whole new history sprawling out.
Colassanto: You mean someone is changing the future?
Jack: Destroying it. Turning order into chaos and feeding off the results.

Colassanto: Did I pass? Can I stay with you like the Doctor, learn all of the secrets?
Jack: Here’s one of the secrets: run.

Gwen: It’s me.
Jack: What do you mean?
Gwen: It’s me. I caused this. I made this happen. I knew Torchwood was toxic. Right from the moment I joined, the very first day. But I stayed.
Jack: I’m glad you did.
Gwen: Yeah. Stop being so nice. We left nice behind a hundred miles back. I’m trying to be honest, okay? Because you know what the worst thing is of all? Of all the shit we have seen, all the bloodshed, all the horror—do you know what is worse than all of that? I loved it. I bloody loved it. And I’d keep telling Rhys I was sorry, and I’d say to little Anwen I’m sorry. But I loved it so much. I knew things no one else knew and, oh, I felt so special. And when we lost people, it was so so big. And I could say it was worth it. ‘Cause the bigger it was, the more important I was. And the more people we lost, the more that meant I was a survivor and I was better than them.

Gwen: Have you got what I’m saying to you, Jack? What I’m saying is, No more! Because I know exactly what you’re thinking, Jack. “She won’t do this, not really. Not my Gwen.” “No, Gwen, she can’t hurt me. Gwen loves me. She’d never harm me” and well this is about my daughter. And I swear for her sake I will see you killed like a dog right in front of me if it means her back in my arms. Understood?
Jack: Understood. And let me tell you. Now that I’m mortal, I’m gonna hang onto this with everything I’ve got. I love you, Gwen Cooper, but I will rip your skin from your skull before I let you take this away from me. Understood?
Gwen: Understood.

Gwen: I feel like I know you now better than I’ve ever done before.
Jack: Yeah. Right at the end.
Gwen: Right at the end.

Jack: You don’t know whether to hit me or to kiss me, do you? Come on. You can do both.

Left: I don’t know. I just don’t know what it is.
Right: How much is the butcher asking?
Bald: Ten thousand. Not too much for something with so much potential.
Left: And we’d own him. Together.
Bald: A partnership. What do you say?
L: Agreed.
R: Agreed.

Jack: I’m not doing this. I’m not giving final speeches.

Gwen: Just tell me about your life. All the things that you’ve never said. How many children did you have, Jack?
Jack: I’ve lived a lot of lifetimes, Gwen. I can’t tell you everything.
Gwen: A lot of lifetimes is consolation, isn’t it? Is it? When you’ve had more lives than anyone.
Jack: That’s not enough. I don’t want to die.
Gwen: I know.

Jack: Who were the three men?
Colassanto: What men?
Jack: There were three men. Like they were making an agreement.
Colassanto: I don’t know.

Jack: Time to move on. But not with you.
Colassanto: Sorry. I was terrified, Jack. They said you were the Devil. But other people said you were a Blessing.
Jack: Something happened to me once. A long way away. Time itself changed me to a fixed point. Now I can’t die. I suffer and I perish but I always come back.

Jack: I’m sorry Angelo. But this is the story of my life. It always ends the same way. You kill me. Men like you, you kill me.

Mystery Woman (Nana Visitor): Captain Harkness. The last mortal man. It has been a long journey.

Esther: I was just checking the cache on the I-5s. Look what it says.

Jack: You’ve got a little something on you. Now unless you want to be diagnosed category one…
Gwen: Put your guns down.

Andy: I’ve never shot anyone before.

Rex: Next time ask for help. I’m sick of Torchwood acting like amateur clowns.

Gwen: And you, you’re gonna live.
Jack: It’s a talent of mine.
Gwen: And I did mean what I said.
Jack: So did I.
Gwen: Good. And as for you, you better pray that death comes back this planet before I’m finished with you.
Jack: So tell us who you are. Before I let her loose.

Mystery Woman: I don’t see that anything’s changed. You’re still coming with me.
Jack: Why would I do that?
Mystery Woman: You’ll want to come with me. Because I can take you to the one man who knows how the Miracle began.
Jack: Who’s that?
Mystery Woman: Angelo. Angelo Colassanto. He’s waiting for you, Jack. He’s been waiting for such a very long time.