Torchwood Series 4

End of the Road


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Colasanto Residence, Nevada, U.S.A.

Olivia Colasanto: They’re with me. They’ve agreed to leave their weapons behind.
Rex: But Esther’s gonna stay outside.
Olivia Colasanto: Why? What for?
Rex: She’s gonna keep an open relay to a hard drive back in Los Angeles. We go through those doors and disappear, then we have a record. Okay? So tell your goons to leave her alone.

Olivia: He talked about you all the time, Jack. This immortal man in old New York. He never forgot.
Rex: You telling me the whole world got screwed because two gay guys had a hissy fit?
Gwen: Rex, get back in your cave.

Olivia: You inspired him. You proved immortality was possible. And he devoted the rest of his life to finding out how to live forever.
Jack: And he did it? He’s still alive, he’s still young?
Olivia: Oh yes, he’s still alive. Angelo Colasanto is still very much alive. But he’s not young. My grandfather waited all this time to live forever. And his wish came true. Too late.

Jack: What’s wrong with him?
Olivia: At his age? Just about everything.

Olivia: After everything I’ve heard about Torchwood technology you’re going to rely on an open handset?
Rex: Yeah well we had to leave LA in a hurry. Thanks to someone I could mention.

Rex: What the hell’s going on with the stock market?
Olivia: They’re falling. It’s been inevitable since Miracle Day. Which I reckon is part of the plan.
Gwen: So you put a gun to my daughter’s head for what?For this? So you could get your revenge on Jack?
Olivia: We weren’t rying to hurt you. I was carrying out my grandfather’s final wish. To keep you safe.
Gwen: So you don’t want them dead—
Olivia: Wait wait wait. Do you mean you were protecting me?
Gwen: Funny way of going about it.
Olivia: There’s a crucial instruction. My grandfather cared for you. I don’t. You might be important in some way we’ve yet to work out so it’s best to keep you intact. But that’s as far as the sentiment goes.
Gwen: So why the… hell… you know…eh… bollocks. Start again. Any chance of a drink?

Gwen: Hold on though. He didn’t cause this. Angelo didn’t cause the Miracle?
Olivia: No. He lived this long through natural means.

Olivia: Prolonging life is simple. But no one’s worked out how to make a profit at it so it’s not advertised.

Olivia: You are not the only remarkable thing on this earth, Jack. Consider the jellyfish. The species turritopsis nutricula is considered to be immortal. Its cells undergo a process called transdifferentiation. Quite simply, it can revert to a younger state and grow old again. And then repeat. Without limit. It’s possible there are individual jellyfish on this planet that have existed for thousands and thousands of years.
Jack: I’m not as special as I thought.
Olivia: You never were.

Olivia: My grandfather was not alone.
Jack: Who were the others?
Olivia: Well the story says there were three men. Each representing a different family. And when you were being murdered over and over again, these three men came to witness your resurrection.
Jack: I saw them. They made a deal.
Olivia: They formed an alliance to purchase the power of resurrection. And when you escaped the three families swore that they’d find the gift again.
Jack: What were their names?
Olivia: The Ablemarch family, the Costerdane family and Frines.

So what happened then? 1928. What did they do next?
Olivia: Well they lost Jack but they still had his blood.
Jack: I thought they were draining it away. But they were collecting it.
Olivia: All they had to do was figure out how to use it.
Jack: But that doesn’t work. There’s nothing special about my blood in itself. That’s not what made me immortal.

Olivia: Whatever they were planning, my grandfather wasn’t included.

Gwen: But what did these families do to the world? They start in Manhattan and eighty years later the whole of the planet becomes immortal?
Jack: And I become mortal.
Olivia: In 1998 we intercepted a message. It was just one word. “Blessing.”
Jack: We’ve heard about The Blessing. They found it. Whatever The Blessing is, the three families found it.
Rex: And now it’s time we found them.

Rex: Esther, you got any news for us?
Esther: This is weird. There’s no one name Ablemarch, Costerdane or Frines. I mean literally, there’s no such names. It’s nothing, it’s blank. They don’t exist.

Friedkin: We gotta finish it before the rest of the CIA arrives.

Rex: Just tell us where we can find the three families. Quickly.
Olivia: You’ll never find them, that’s the point. They came out of New York with the motivation of keeping this secret. Where’s the best place to hide yourself? In plain sight.

Esther: Of course it’s Friedkin. If anyone’s working for the three families, it’s him.
Friedkin: That’s enough! Keep them covered. We may have to end this with an unfortunate number of category ones.

Alan Shapiro (John De Lancie): Why is Friedkin inside? Who put him in the field?
CIA Agent: Rex Matheson is his division, sir. He feels personally responsible.
Shapiro: Yeah, well he should’ve waited for me, the fat ass.

Gwen: It doesn’t make sense. I mean Rex, he’d know they’d be tracing him.

Rex: Mr. Shapiro, sir. Tell me something. All that time I was on the run, did you really think I was a traitor?
Shapiro: There was evidence—woven through your records—going back ten years or more. Whoever these people are, they’re a lot smarter than Friedkin. And they’re operating on all sorts of different levels.
Rex: Yeah, but now we’ve got them on the run.
Shapiro: Maybe.

Shapiro: People seem to be talking over me. Which is fascinating. And rare. And forbidden. {to Gwen} I’ll come back to you.

Shapiro: I am sick of her already. Can we deport her? Let’s deport her.

Shapiro: What is it with you, Red Baron? You got Snoopy up your ass?

Gwen: Jack, did we just join the CIA?
Jack: I think we did.

Jack: Did you see him? Did you see Ianto? You’d have liked him. Or maybe not. You’d have been jealous. {he laughs}. Gotta go. Work to do. I’ll take care of you. I promise. See you later, old man.

Jack to a dying Angelo: That’s impossible. How the hell did you do this?!?

Esther: He can’t be dead, Jack. He just can’t be. That’s impossible. Nobody can die, he’s just category one.
Jack: I scanned him. He’s gone.
Rex: Then is it everyone? I mean, did the world just change back? And if so what happens to me? Hm? I was supposed to die. {to an agent} You, tell Langley. Go online, check the hospitals, check with everyone. ‘Cause if he’s dying then who else is dead?

Shapiro: How? Only him. No one else. The only man in the whole wide world to die. The Miracle continues minus Mr. Colasanto. So how did he do it? {Jack’s silent} We’re taking the body for autopsy. Any idea what we’re going to find?
Jack: I don’t know. We should go—
Shapiro: No no no no. Nobody is leaving. This house is secure.
Jack: It’s not a crime scene.
Shapiro: Are you sure about that? Dying of old age can now be considered a crime. Something happened here. And we re going to search this place for information. And nobody is going to leave until we know exactly what happened. So you can stay just where you are, Captain.

Gwen: Come on, what’s wrong? Are we in trouble?
Jack: Yes.
Gwen: Are we in trouble because he died?
Jack: Yeah.
Gwen: But why?

Noah Vickers : Welcome back, Rex. Things were kind of quiet without you.

Esther: Costerdane, Ablemarch and Frines. Problem is, I’ve looked, there’s no one with these last names.
Rex: But there has to be. I mean, they’re names. What names aren’t names?
Esther: These names. According to every site I could think of, the names didn’t just die out. They never existed.
Charlotte Wills: Could be done. It’s happened before. At the end of the second World War all the Hitlers disappeared from the Berlin phonebook. Change your name, go back and erase passport records, birth certificates. Do that for decades and you’d be buried in the fabric of the world.
Esther: There’s gotta be a papertrail.
Charlotte: Oh, I was born for this.

Dallas, Texas U.S.A.

Jilly: […] Madison Weekly. She’s the Bissected Bride. You know, car accident sheared off everything below the bikini line. Got married a week later propped up on a box. Basically she’s made up of positive thinking and colostomy bags.

Jilly: Shawnie Yamaguchi?
Shawnie Yaguchi (Constance Wu): That is correct.
Jilly: Go get me a sandwich. Tomato and swiss on sourdough. Let’s see how well you cope with that. And then you can find me a prostitute.
Shawnie Yaguchi: I’m sorry?
Jilly: Start with the sandwich.

Shawnie: I don’t mean to be rude, but I don’t know how you put up with him.
Jilly: Oh I won’t have to. Not for much longer.
Shawnie: I’m sorry, what do you mean?
Jilly: Never mind. Off you go.

Sarah Drummond: This whole world’s changed, Esther. This body, it’s without a soul.
Esther: Don’t say that. What about the girls? Think about the girls.
Sarah Drummond: I’ve put them on the list too. Sometimes I wonder what keeps us from falling straight through the earth, to the other side of the world.

Mary Cooper: You tell her from me, I had a gun held to my head. My life was in danger. And her father’s. Right inside our own house. And all because of her. So you tell her, Don’t give up. Go get the bastards. Whatever it takes.
Rhys: Tell her yourself.
Mary Cooper: No. I’m watching TV.

Gwen: I think we’ve been manipulated for decades.
Rhys: Yeah but what for? I mean, where’s it all heading?
Gwen: I don’t know. It’s not like the old days of Torchwood. I mean, we knew what we were fighting there, but this—this is like the whole world is changing. And we’re just so tiny.

Shapiro: I’ve read the Torchwood file. Is this extraterrestrial?