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The O.C.: Obsess Completely


Adam Brody  Alan Dale  Ben McKenzie  Josh Schwartz  Peter Gallagher  Rachel Bilson  Tate Donovan

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Josh Schwartz: We did so much last year, we have nothing left for season two. pause Please don’t air that.

Adam Brody: I think the table reading went well. What have you heard?

Rachel Bilson: My first scene on the show, I showed up on set, and it was like, “Here’s your bikini, here’s your little mini-skirt. Now go out on the freezing beach and be drunk and basically molest Ben’s character Ryan.

Rachel about their first public appearance: It was an enormous crowd, and I was like, “Holy (long pause) beep.”

Josh in wardrobe: Can we see some wife-beater options?

Josh about actors borrowing wardrobe: We’re on to you, Bilson. Give us back the shoes. Give ’em back.

Peter Gallagher: We have the all-nude O.C. coming up. Which has no wardrobe at all. I’m hoping it will start a fad.

Tate Donovan: The jokes aren’t very practical on the show. Really, to tell you the truth. No. Impractical jokes. Lots of them.

Ben McKenzie: I have thrown Mischa in a garbage can.

Adam Brody about Cotillion: See that one I remember being particularly painful. We had to wear the stupidest outfits ever. I felt like a butler.

Ben: My character punches people more than I do in real life.

Ben: I’m hitting people too much. My right arm is… tired.

Peter: God knows when you’re teenagers you think about sex 125% of the time. When you’ve been married 200 years you think about sex 98% of the time.

Alan Dale: It was a series of disasters with the end of the last season. Including my marriage.