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Josh Schwartz: Every day it’s sunny and 73 degrees in Orange County. Never a cloud in the sky. Although I’ve been told if we wanted a cloud we could do that digitally.

Josh: The surface of the hot tub is a little bit… icky. I wouldn’t go in there. Notice none of the actors have been in the hot tub for like a year and a half. We should probably have someone look into that.

Josh: Very early on in the season Melinda came up to me and said, “When do I get one of the young ones?”. Which, you know, should let you know a little bit about Melinda.

Alan Dale: By the end of the season we were totally inbred. I mean it was one big family.

Josh: This season is beyond a triangle. We’re looking for new shapes. Hexagons, octagons, trapezoids… We’re going for it this year.

Josh: I think my dad’s still convinced I’m a virgin. Please don’t air that.

Josh: Chrismukkah is catching on. This year we have Yamaclaus.

Adam: We hang all the time. My dad—Kevin Kline—is cool.

Josh: So over the summer Seth sailed away to parts unknown. Kirsten decided to do what any woman I guess decides to do when she lost her son, and that’s take it out on her house. So she’s renovated.

Kirsten upon Seth learning Sandy is passed out drunk: You are not drawing on your father. grabs marker That privilege is reserved for me.

Ben: It’s hard not to be drawn into the eyebrows. I often end up doing scenes with the eyebrows. They’re magnetic. They have this power, this energy.
Adam: They have their own trailer.

Josh about Ryan getting hurt in a scene: I fled the country quickly. I went down to Mexico. See you guys in syndication.