The O.C. Season 2

The Showdown


Alan Dale  Marguerite Moreau  Michael Cassidy

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Sandy: Do you think I look like Tony Blair?
Kirsten: Uh, you have nicer hair.
Sandy: Good hair, leader of Great Britain. I would call it a wash.

Summer: You know, I really thought things were going to be different this time, but you haven’t changed at all. You’ve found new and even more public ways of disappointing me.

Caleb: You spent two hours making Eggs Benedict for a man with a heart condition. Doesn’t that seem a little insane to you?

Knock on the door
Kirsten: Come in! Oh, hey, Claire. What is it?
Claire: The men were cleaning out Carter’s office and they found this with a note saying it should be given it to you.

Seth: All this time I thought you were a nice guy.
Zach: Wake up. I’m a water polo player. We’re never nice guys.

Zach: It’s gonna take a little more than quick quips and pop culture-laden bromides to win Little Miss Vixen.
Seth: So it’s war.
Zach: It’s war.

Caleb: So what’s today’s heart attack special, Julie? Deep-fried ribs? Steak Tartar? That Supersize guy oughta spend some time with you.

Ryan: Seth, please tell me you’re not using the Comic Book Club to spy on Summer and Zach.
Cut to Comic Book Club member spying on Summer and Zach.

Julie: Oh my gosh. How much vodka did you put in this?
Kirsten: Normal amount. Little less.

Reed: Summer, Seth and Zach have talent. They could have careers in comics. But you are the Nico of the group.
Summer: I’m sorry. I don’t get references before 1990.