Psych Juliet O’Hara

Season 4


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Extradition: British Columbia

Shawn: Trust me, he cares just as much about his pants as he does thievery.
Juliet: So let me get this straight. Despereaux comes to you in a vision to fake doing something?

Shawn: Look at that bridge!
Juliet: It’s beautiful.
Shawn: Little known fact: that bridge was built by wolves.
Juliet: Really?

He Dead

Juliet: He’s dead.
Shawn: Man. Why does this always happen?
Gus: We have to start checking first.

Shawn: I think I breathed in some dead guy.

The Devil’s in the Details… and the Upstairs Bedroom

Shawn: Woah.
Juliet: Are you getting a premonition?
Shawn: No. Just a head rush. It happens to me quite a bit when I’m sleep-deprived.


Shawn Has the Yips

Shawn: Big win for the team. Well-played, all of you. Let’s not forget that our valiant opponents also played a heckuva ball game. Respect, Haircut Hut.
Gus: I don’t know why you’re giving the victory speech, Shawn. You almost cost us the game today.
Shawn: What are you talking about? I had five hits.
Juliet: You also overthrew third base five times.


Shawn: I’m getting some serious voodoo that the hooded man didn’t come in here to rob the restaurant.
Juliet: Then what was he doing?
Shawn: He wanted to kill someone.
Lassiter: He wanted to kill someone. Who?
Shawn: One of us.


High Top Fade-Out

Juliet: I’m sure that your girlfriend appreciates you using her as a tactic to scam information. Gold star, Shawn. Really. {She walks off as Gus walks in}
Gus: Well?
Shawn: Crashed and burned. Then somehow crashed again in Chile only to be eaten by my soccer teammates. We’re on our own.


Let’s Get Hairy

Shawn: Please, Jules. This could be a matter of life and death. Or mange.
Juliet: Okay.
Shawn: Sweet! Use the bat phone.


Shawn Takes a Shot in the Dark

Juliet: What are you playing with over there?
Lassiter: It’s blood.
Gus in his head: Binshot binshot binshot… Oh my god. Shawn’s been shot.


Juliet: I still don’t get the connection to the ice cream truck.
Gus: I think Shawn did. I’ve been checking his history to see what his most recent web searches were. The Mentalist Spoilers dot com. BillyZane dot thumbnails slash hair dot com.


Gus: Gun it, Jules. Give it all its got.
Juliet: This is all its got.


You Can’t Handle This Episode

Ewan O’Hara (John Cena): Honestly man. From what my sis tells me, you— you’re the amazing one.
Shawn: You said that?
Juliet: I said you were prophetic.
Shawn: What?! You’re prophetic!


Juliet: What—other than being a war hero—has my brother done to bring on your suspicions?
Shawn: He has an arsenal of weapons in his pants.
Juliet: Shawn you might just try to mask your obviously jealousy for Ewan.




A Very Juliet Episode

Juliet: I really do appreciate you being my sounding board through all of this.
Lassiter: I want you to listen to me, O’Hara. And believe this because I mean it from the bottom of my heart. All romance ends in despair. Or death. But mostly despair. Gut-wrenching despair. I hate to say this but I’m actually happy that this happened because now you know. And it’s just going to make you a better cop to realize that all people are essentially just out there to destroy any sense of happiness you’ve ever had.

Gus: You want us to find someone for you?
Juliet: No no. Not us. You.

Gus: I will handle this in perfect stealth mode. You might not know this, but I am known as the Vault of Secrets.
Juliet: No. No, I didn’t know that.
Gus: Shawn will never find out.


Shawn: You like tall men and fat animals.
Juliet: Yes. Yes I do.


Juliet: Are we still on Grease?
Lassiter: We never weren’t.


Death Is in the Air

Present Day

Shawn: It’s really important that I get this girl’s address. I need to go by there.
Juliet: Um. That’s where I’m calling you from. And Shawn, she must be a great hooker. This place is sweet.

Shawn about the escaped Dr. Mallon: I’m sensing that he has his own stash of the cure.
Juliet: How is that possible?
Shawn: Because not only did he invent it, I am sensing he also stole the Thornberg and then released it.

Shawn: I can see him! It’s either him or Michael Ironside.
Juliet: Why would you be having a vision of Michael Ironside?
Shawn: Exactly!

Shawn: I didn’t wait. I didn’t wait for my decoder ring or my Frankenberry action figure when I was a kid. So what am I waiting for now? All I know is, I don’t want to miss out on the prize.
Juliet: What are you trying to say, Shawn?
Shawn: I… uh…. I don’t know.

The Head, the Tail, the Whole Damn Episode

Juliet: Make no mistake, this is definitely your fault.
Shawn: I’ve heard that. But I’m trying to figure out how.


Mr. Yin Presents…



Present Day