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Gossip Girl Revealed

Kelly Rutherford on Gossip Girl: I know that she’s sort of the audience in a way. And yet she could also be any of us on the show.

Blake Lively: I hate when people ask me what my favorite outfit is. Because it’s so unfair to choose. It’s like choosing a favorite child.

Leighton Meester: You kinda want to hate her but you kind of love her. So…

Matthew Settle: Wait, are we doing outtakes? Can I do something funny?

Deleted Scenes

Serena: Nate, what?
Nate: She knows.
Serena: Wait, why would you do that?
Nate: I was trying to do the right thing. Since that night I have not stopped thinking about you.
Serena: Nate, what we did was wrong.
Nate: Well maybe we can make it right. Maybe we can be together.
Serena: No, Nate listen to me. You just, you need to to talk to Blair.
Nate: No. I can’t.
Serena: She’ll forgive you.
Nate: No, she won’t. You didn’t see how mad at me she was.
Serena: Yes, she will. Just, just tell her that you don’t care about me. That you never did. Just tell her you’ll never see me again.
Nate: Why? Why would I do that?
Serena: ‘Cause I’m asking you to.

Eric: So? You and Blair get in fights all the time. Who copied whose outfit, who didn’t call them back.
Serena: Yeah I know. But this is different. This is, um, this is bad.
Eric: Really? This is bad, huh?
Serena: No. No, not bad bad. You know, just— Excuse me, can we have two strawberry smoothies please. So um, you and I haven’t talked about what happened. If you don’t want to, well, that is totally unacceptable since I’m your big sister.
Eric: I just got sick of taking the meds. I got sick of doctors, therapists… then mom and Claus got in a fight and he moved out.
Serena: Wait, you got upset about Claus?
Eric: No. No no, not Claus exactly. Although I did enjoy his German accent. But after you left mom decided she needed to de-Clausify the place. Which meant we had to move into the hotel while she renovated.
Serena: And then?
Eric: And then there were two. Just me and mom at the Palace. And it got really lonely. Not that you’d understand what that’s like.
Serena: Yeah well, um, I think I’m starting to.
Eric: Well as mom would say, “Maybe you need a time out. From your friends.”
Serena: Yeah I guess so. You ever heard of a band called Lincoln Hawk?
Eric: One of the Top Ten Forgotten Bands of the 90s. Yeah.