Gossip Girl Dorota Kishlovsky

Season 6


Zuzanna Szadkowski

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Gone Maybe Gone

Dorota: Form follows function.

Dirty Rotten Scandals

Doctor: It seems as if you’re suffering from severe exhaustion and dehydration. Have you been sleeping? Eating?
Blair: Do I look like I’ve been eating? Don’t insult me.
Dorota: Miss Blair been running around like Rhesus monkey. She take no moment for eating or sleeping or resting or stopping. Is exhausting me too.

Where the Vile Things Are

Blair: How dare Humphrey write that I am conniving, manipulative and stuck in high school. I am not all scheme and no substance.
Dorota: Hell hath no fury like a Lonely Boy scorned.

Save the Last Chance

Dorota: Uh oh. Two girls wrestling for last three-button vest. I go act as referee.

It’s Really Complicated

Blair: Yes it is true Thanksgiving holds a special place in my heart–and stomach–but I guess this year a pumpkin macaron will just have to do.
Dorota: But every Thanksgiving you try to visit Miss Eleanor.
Blair: And this year I’m actually going to make it. Besides we both know that if I stay in town
I’ll just be meddling in other people’s affairs, and I promised myself I would not do that this year.
Dorota: Still no word from Mr. Chuck since pop-up show?
Blair: No, and I’m not going to call him either. Chuck only goes darker when I push him so I’m going to give him all the time and space he needs. He’ll snap out of his funk eventually.
Dorota: And you okay leaving Miss Serena alone with Mr. Lonely Boy?
Blair: Well I don’t want her back with that back-stabbing Brooklynite, but now that we’re best friends again I have to just hold my tongue and let this ridiculous relationship run its course.
Dorota: Like stomach flu.
Blair: Yes, and until then I will just play the supportive friend, which we both know I’m much better at from the other side of the Atlantic. Now, vite! Vite!

Dorota: What happened to no meddling this year?!
Blair: Did you hear her? She is getting domestic with that wool-haired whiner. Four major holidays stand between Thanksgiving and Serena being a June bride.

Dorota: If you done with problem number one, problem number two needs meddling.