Being Human Nina Pickering

Series 3


Sinead Keenan

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Episode 1 : Lia

George: I thought this is what you wanted—a place of our own.
Nina: Yeah but it isn’t, is it? It’s you, me and [Count du Prix] upstairs.
George: He saved our lives.
Nina: He’s changed. Something’s… something’s happened to him. You must have noticed.
George: We’ve lost Annie. We’re all over the place.

Nina: Sean Hancock. Diagnosed a year ago with malignant melanoma. Secondaries in the brain and lung. He’s on a morphine infusion and maintenance fluids but his condition’s deteriorating rapidly. We’re talking hours now.
George: Wait a sec. You’re doing this now? It’s a full moon, we’ve just moved into a new house. There’s enough going on without you crossing over to the afterlife.
Nina: We could be waiting weeks for another opportunity like this.

Nina: Look, we all saw Annie on that screen in the cottage. We saw how terrified she is. And this is the only idea we’ve got.
Mitchell: Thank you.
Nina: But I want one of us in there with you.
Mitchell: What?
Nina: Death is a personal, private moment and we’re gate-crashing. I want that man treated with dignity and kindness.

Nina: Have you got someone in custody called George Sands?
Policeman: Are you a friend of his?
Nina: As I said to the nine-year-old in reception, he’s a patient of mine. He has a serious medical condition and he needs constant supervision and medication. Did he, did he tell you that he’s got a medical condition?
Policeman: When we processed him he might have mentioned something.
Nina: And you still brought him in? You didn’t think to contact the hospital, or- or- ? Oh man, we’re gonna have fun with you.
Policeman: We found him in a well-known dogging location.
Nina: That man has serious mental problems. He’s a f— He’s basically nuts, okay? And it’s it’s it’s contagious.
Policeman: Are you all right miss?
Nina: Yeah. I’m just, I’m I’m… I’m really annoyed.

Nina: Dogging? You were caught dogging?

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Episode 2 : Adam’s Family

Nina: And where do you think you’re going?
Adam: Oh, I thought I’d try my luck in hematology.
Nina: I know what you are.
Adam: So you know what I’ll do if you come any nearer. Goldie.
Nina: What, like the rapper?

Adam: Look, I’m not some naughty little kid.
Nina: Yeah. Draining a defenseless old man of blood is a step beyond naughty. Now. Settle!

George: You’re in enough trouble, young man, without getting pervy.
Adam: Trouble? That’s my dad up there. This is no worse than a baby sucking his mother’s tit.
Nina: Beautifully put.

George: Nina, no. We are not getting involved.
Nina: We can’t let a teenage vampire loose on the street.
Adam: I’m forty-six.
George: There you go! He’s forty— Really?
Nina: Not emotionally he isn’t. Like you said, he’s still effectively being breast fed.
Adam: Well, if you’re offering.
George: Oh, can you not ask my girlfriend to suckle you, please?

Nina: Right. You. You’re going home with George.
Adam: What, to your kennel?
Nina: Ah. There go my kidneys as my sides split.

What’s your game?
Nina: Ah, it’s okay. He’s my brother. There’s something really wrong with him, he really should have mentioned it.
Like what?
Nina: He’s passive aggressive. Basically, he’s just a knob.
I don’t care. It’s only for the afternoon. And I’ve got a regular fella anyways, so…
Nina: Classy. Still, plenty more fish in the sea, eh?

Number Seven: How’s it hanging?
George: Oh. Ah. It’s not so bad. Yourself?
Number Seven: Yeah. Can’t complain. You from Penarth then?
George: Nope. Barry. Um actually we came here on the B4267.
Number Seven: Oh yeah, good bit of road there. What’re you driving in then?
George: Um, it’s—
Nina: George. You’re chit-chatting. With a gimp.

George: Well that’s sorted then.
Nina: Yeah. Well and a job done.
George: I’m sure he’ll settle right in there. I mean they do have a massive telly.
Nina: Oof. Ginormous.
George: The whole house, it was furnished to the highest standards.
Nina: Yeah. And so clean.
George: It was immaculate. I mean, Richard and Emma themselves were slightly, what? Eccentric perhaps…
Nina: I’d go for “unreconstructed.”
George: And, well… kinky.
Nina: Filthy. Just assholes.
George: A pair of complete and utter kinked-up, filthy racist assholes.
Nina: We’ve just left a vulnerable young boy with a pair of, not only instinctive killers, but heinous pervs.

George: Is this really such a good idea? There’s only two of us against what sounds like, well… shitloads!
Nina: Well, we’ll just have to, um, tool up then.
George: Tool up?

George: We’ve come to take Adam back.
Richard: How dare you barge in here, you ill-mannered trash. You mongrels! Bet you didn’t even wipe your feet.
George: No, but we’ll wipe them on the way out.
Nina: If I wasn’t holding this I would totally high-five you.

Nina: Look, you didn’t see how those people live, Mitchell. It was grubby, desperate. We couldn’t leave him there.
Mitchell: Nah, of course you couldn’t.
George: Meaning?
Mitchell: It’s not who you are. When someone needs help, you give it.

Nina: So. Where to first?
Adam: I dunno. I’ll just drop the first train outta here and see where it takes me.

George: I think he’s going to be okay.
Nina: Yeah. I think we all are.

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Episode 3 : Type 4

Nina: George?
George: Dead woman. With a body. Followed Annie home.

Mitchell: Well, um, I’m Mitchell.
Sasha: Hi Mitchell! I’m Sasha. Like the Beyoncé album.
Nina: I’m Nina.
Sasha: My gran was called Nina. Aw, aren’t you short!

Nina: Well I think someone’s in denial.
George: How could she not know she’s dead?
Mitchell: Solves one mystery anyway. The mortuary’s suddenly been off limits.
George: No, that was a chemical leak. Or they were hiding a zombie.

George: Nina, is this yours? I mean, I thought it can’t be Mitchell’s because he’s a man and it can’t be Annie’s because she’s dead and it can’t be Nina’s because she’s on the pill. You’re on the pill. Why would you be needing a pregnancy test? Are you late? When were you thinking about telling me?
Nina: Th— Um… I was looking for the right moment.
George: Okay, well I’m not busy now. Are you busy now?
Nina: Fine. I’m pregnant.
George: Oh my god, but you’re on the pill!
Nina: Yes, I am. But we had sex, and we weren’t exactly ourselves and apparently the pill wasn’t designed with werewolves in mind.
George: But you know these tests can be wrong?
Nina: Look, I’ve done three tests. I’m pregnant, George. It’s happening. Or rather, it’s not. I can’t, I can’t… I can’t let this go any further. I’m sorry.
George: Okay, so um… let me get this straight. If I hadn’t have found this, would you have just had an abortion without telling me?
Nina: No. I was planning—
George: Oh my god, you were just going to do it, weren’t you? No discussion, no nothing.
Nina: Don’t you dare judge me. This isn’t some teenage mistake, George. This is a child of monsters. I mean, who even knows what it could be? Just the idea is terrifying.
George: It could be fine. We’re both fine. Most of the time.
Nina: It’s my body, George.
George: Yeah, well part of it isn’t.
Nina: Excuse me?
George: There is part of me in there, and as the father I have just as much right as you to decide what happens to our child.

Nina: So we’re a supernatural hostel now, are we? What next? A mummy?

Mitchell: We owe her, George.
George: We owe her? Why do we owe her?
Mitchell: She came back to life two weeks ago. All of them did, when I was on the other side.
Annie: Saving me.
Nina: So. Hang on, what are we saying? That Death’s Door was engaged?
Annie: Her spirit couldn’t pass over because of me.
Mitchell: We made her. We owe her, all of us do.

Nina: It’s not always about the wolf, George.
George: So what are you saying?
Nina: I’ve got other stuff—old stuff going on in my head, it’s… it’s not you.
George: “It’s not you, it’s me.”
Nina: No. It’s becoming a mother and, um, all that means. See, um, my mum used to hit me. All the time. For my own good, you know, and she… always reminded me that I was a mistake and, uh, I’d ruined her life and I was worthless and I’d never amount to anything. She, ah… she made me hate myself.
George: I’m sorry, you’ve— you’ve never said.
Nina: No, there’s never really a good time to bring up that conversation. See, this thing inside me, whatever it is, it’s a baby. And I will become a mother. And that terrifies me more than any werewolf bullshit. You see, I was pretty messed up even before you scratched me.
George: No you’re not. You are strong and you are beautiful. You are not in this alone. I will always be there.
Nina: Sorry. It’s not enough George.

Nina: Don’t worry, I’m not drinking. Gotta keep an eye on Priscilla over there. I’m the designated woman-with-a-pulse. Just thought it’d be good to get out.
George: No, it’s great. It’s just a nice, normal night out with the girls.
Nina: Or… this.
George: How’s she coping, do you think? Has she come to terms with what she is?
Sasha: Say it loud, I’m dead and I’m proud! Deal with it.

George: How is she?
Nina: She’s gone.
George: Sorry.
Nina: George. would you like to have a little… hairy baby… with me?
George: Yes I would.

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Episode 4 : The Pack

Nina: George are you sure we’re not lost?
George: I have three tracking badges on my woggle. I don’t do lost.
Nina: You were a boy scout?
George: Well, a cub.
Nina: What?
George scratching her belly: Cub.

George: I knew it. What else could have done that?
Nina: I don’t know, foxes? A really pissed off badger? Anyway it’s been almost a month since the last full moon. How do we know he’s even still going to be here?
George: Well until NHS Direct get back to me about my pregnant werewolf query, we have no other option. You’re the one that wouldn’t let us talk to Mitchell.
Nina: I just don’t want anyone to know yet.

George: Look, if you live with him you must know what he is. We’re the same. Maybe you are too?
Nina: Werewolves. {George points at her} It’s just, we need to speak with someone like us. To see if you’ve ever heard of… a werewolf having a baby.
McNair: I’m afraid I don’t know anything about that, ma’am.
Nina: Look, we need to know if the baby will survive the transformation. We can’t exactly talk to a doctor.
McNair: Very sorry, ma’am, but as I said, I can’t help you.

Mitchell: Where the hell have you guys been?
George: Shopping.
Nina: Cinema.
George: Shopping. Then cinema.
Annie: What’d you see?
Nina: Ava… tar.
George: Smokey and the Bandit. … What a weird double bill that was.
Nina: Oh… it was weird.

McNair: Do you know what you’re doing?
Nina: I’m a nurse. We need to get him to the hospital.
McNair: I can stitch that back up at the truck. Come on, Tom. You can walk.
Nina: What, in the tetanus mobile? Are you kidding.
McNair: We can’t go to a hospital.
Nina: If I can get the glass out of here he might be okay.
McNair: We are not staying under the same roof as that thing.
Mitchell: That’s fine by me!
George: Mitchell’s our friend. It’s fine.
McNair: What do you mean he’s your friend? Do you know what these things do to us? Put us in cages, make us fight?
Mitchell: Oh, what are you talking about? That stopped years ago.
McNair: trust me, get away while you can. Chances are he’s got you both lined up for the next match.
Mitchell: Oh, fuck you! I’ve had enough of this.
McNair: And only a vampire would curse in front of ladies.
Mitchell: Why are they here? Who are they? Why are they here?
George: Well we met them this afternoon.
Mitchell: Why?!
Tom: They needed help.
McNair: Tom—
Mitchell: Help with what? Help with what!
Nina: I’m pregnant!

Annie: Oh my god. Oh my god. You’re gonna be a dad! And you’re gonna be a mum! And we… we’re gonna be babysitters! George… oh my god, Nina! Congratulations!
Mitchell: That’s incredible, man! Why didn’t you tell us first?
George: We wanted to Nina to speak to some werewolves first and make sure it was okay.
Mitchell: And.

Nina: Have you heard of other pregnant werewolves?
Tom: Of course. Mom and Dad.
Nina: So you were born a werewolf.
George: He was.
Tom: And I’m all right, aren’t I?
McNair: You’re perfect.
George: And the pregnancy. It was… it was fine? Even during the full moon?
Tom: Tell him Dad. The curse is really a blessing.
McNair: You know when your bones break? They mend… harder. And when your skin tears. It’ll heal. Tougher. The curse, it doesn’t hurt you. It makes you stronger.
George: Well that’s brilliant. Isn’t it?

Nina: What happened to your mum?
Tom: She was killed. By vampires.

Nina: Well, what do you think?
George: That’s my fleece.
Nina: Alright. He’s only borrowing it. It doesn’t suit him anyway. He’s far too young to wear a fleece.

Nina: What happened to your mum, Tom? If you don’t mind my asking.
Tom: We used to live in a house like you. With a TV and a garden. Didn’t bother anybody, just kept ourselves to ourselves. Then they sort of found out what we were. Maybe they saw mom and dad in the forest. Then the vampires came. Heard the story of the three little wolves. And the big fat pig burst out of the ass. Dad fought as many as he could but there were too many of them, and when mom tried to run away she was too slow ’cause she was carrying me.
Nina: How old were you?
Tom: Just a baby. Vampires don’t care.
Nina: So you don’t remember any of this yourself?
Tom: Nope. Dad taught me everything.
Nina: And you believe him?
Tom: Well he’s a good man.
Nina: Oh yeah. But even so it can’t be healthy, just the two of you all the time.
Tom: That’s why we’re looking for the pack.
George: The pack?
Tom: It’s like a family of people, like the three of us. Where we belong.
George: I was attacked. I’m not a part of any pack.
Tom: Doesn’t matter. If the werewolf that chose you was part of our pack then you are too.
Nina: And… where are you going to find this pack?
Tom: Could be anywhere. That’s why we keep on moving.

George: Well it… kind of makes sense. Wolves are pack-running creatures.
Nina: It’s bullshit. Like everything else McNair’s told him.
George: What are you talking about?
Nina: He’s got scratches. On his head, on his back. Like the ones on your shoulder, like mine.
George: Yeah, but he could have got them anywhere. Oh come on!

George: And if he wasn’t born a werewolf?
Nina: Well then we’re back to where we started.

George: What about Gina? It’s a combination of George and Nina.
Nina: Well. Better than Norge.

George: Annie and Mitchell still haven’t said anything. It’s getting embarrassing. Maybe they think we wouldn’t approve.
Nina: Well we don’t now, do we?
George: Why not?
Nina: Well, let me see. She’s a Sagittarius and he’s a hundred and seventeen-year-old mass murderer.
George: Nina!
Nina: What?
George: I’m surprised at you. No one’s defined purely by their past or their condition. Just because we’re not normal doesn’t mean we can’t be… normal.

Tom: So how are the results?
Nina: I’m not going to examine you. You can put your clothes back on.
Tom: I didn’t take my top off for that. If I have to leave tomorrow I just want you to know how I feel.
Nina: Tom—
Tom: And I think you feel the same.
Nina: No, but—
George: What’s going on?
Tom: I love her.
Nina: What?
George: I love her.
Tom: Well maybe we both love her. And that makes us a pack.
Nina: There is no pack. Your tests yesterday, I sent them to a lab. The police keep records of missing people in case they ever turn up in hospital. You’re not who you think you are. I’m sorry Tom, but you weren’t born a werewolf. You caught it. Like us.

Nina: But they did find your mother… And your father. They said it was an animal attack. And if he wasn’t born a werewolf, then what does that mean for us?

Tom: This is for your baby.
Nina: Thank you. If we still have a baby. After tonight.

George: You all right.
Nina: Yeah. Think so. Hope so.
George: Me too. More than anything.

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Episode 5 : The Longest Day

Nina: You’re holding it upside down.
Annie: Oh, it’s sweet. Still there.
Nina: Yeah. Still there. I thought I lost it.
Annie: Oh, but you didn’t. Nina, you didn’t. It’s all right, it’s okay. It can survive a transformation. It… I hate calling it “it”. The baby. The baby can survive. Oh we’re going to have to have a treat tonight. Big tea, major pudding and just… happy times. Oo, and Jenga! See you back at the house. {she blinks out}
Nina: Pissing Jenga.

George: This is the end. They take his photo, they find out, they find out what he is. This is the end.
Nina: Well then we, ah, we make a break for it. Now. Just the two of us.
George: And go where? We will be hunted. Every single one of us. {she heads into the ward} What are you doing— ? What are you doing?
Nina: I have no idea.

Bazzer: You know him?
Nina: Me? Know him? Of course I… George, I can’t believe you didn’t say.
Bazzer: Who is he then?
Nina: This man? This man here? I will tell you exactly who this man is. This man is my… uncle Billy.

Herrick: So you want me to lie?
Nina: No, no, not lie exactly. Just not tell. Can you do that? For me? Hm? Please?

Nina: Just now, in the kitchen, you agreed to murder.
George: It’s not the same.
Nina: No thought, no question. Just agreed.
George: Nina, I know this is really difficult for you to understand because you weren’t really there. But Herrick is dangerous.
Nina: He wasn’t the one looking dangerous to me. Look. In seven month’s time, we’re going to have a baby. I don’t want our baby to have a father who sticks his fingers in his ears and agrees to murder like it’s nothing!

Wendy: This isn’t right. This is not right. There’s something going on here. I’m sorry, I’m— I need to make a phone call.
Nina: Yeah. Well…. So do I. What was your manager’s number? I’m going to report you for negligence.
Wendy: I haven’t been negligent.
Nina: You arrive late—bombed on bloody Red Bull—talking a load of inconsequential guff about Druids and kitchen units. And now you accuse me of, of what? Fraudulently inventing a vulnerable relative just to cover up the fact that you’ve deleted his records?!
Wendy: I didn’t delete a—
Nina: Doorstep by the tabloids is gonna seem like a walk in the park when I’m done with you. What’s your manager’s number, Wendy? I am gonna unleash a shit storm!

Mitchell: Well done.
Nina: I’m not proud of it.
Mitchell: It can’t be helped. You did what was necessary. {he heads upstairs}
Nina: Wait. I didn’t agree. Because, you know, if we’re really going to execute an amnesiac psychiatric patient like we’re the governor of shitting Texas or something then we should all have a vote. And I didn’t get my vote.

Mitchell: Nina, William Herrick has achieved something that nobody else has managed to do in over two millennia. He is a vampire at the very height of his power and every second he grows stronger. Now he can’t hurt Annie. Not me, not now. Things have changed.
Nina: What things?
Mitchell: Things. It’s complicated.
Nina: Oh, it always is with you.
Mitchell: Well here’s something simple. You, George and the baby, Herrick will annihilate you.
Nina: Aw, you’re doing this for us. How selfless.
Mitchell: Do you think I’m enjoying this?
Nina: I think there’s a poison in you which has nothing to do with being a vampire. So yeah, I think you do enjoy it.
Mitchell: Oh my god. It’s you. Of course. Of course, it’s going to be you.
Nina: What’s— what’s gonna be me?
Mitchell: Nina. Little bullet. I am gonna make you so very happy.
Nina: What the fuck does that mean?
Mitchell: Oh you’ll see. And I’m gonna do what needs doing because I don’t need your permission for anything.

Nina: You’re looking better.
Herrick: I’ve found something. I think you should see it.

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Episode 6 : Daddy Ghoul

George: I like watching you sleep. I look at you and I think, “She’s mine. She’s all mine.”
Nina: Hm. That’s sweet. Creepy and slightly Ted Bundy-esque. But sweet.

George: Me and you. Mum and dad. We’re going to be the ones that have to teach them how to ride a bike, we’re going to have to set their curfew. We’re going to have to—
Nina: Relocate to 1950s America where they actually use the term “curfew”.
George: That’s hilarious.
Nina: I’m sorry. But you’re just too easy.
George: I’m easy? You’re the one that’s knocked up.

Nina: This isn’t exactly the ideal baby-raising environment though, is it?
George: Well what is?
Nina: I don’t know. somewhere without a dementia-ridden vampire lurking in the attic, perhaps?

Nina: We have to start thinking about our future. Our child and the little world we’re going to create for him or her. I’d do anything to make sure that world was safe, George. Anything.

Annie: Who do you think would give them Mitchell’s name?
Nina: Well. Like she said, he’ll probably never find out.
Annie: It’s Mitchell we’re talking about. He’ll find out.

Nina: So. Your dad’s a ghost. And… a pikey.

Nina: We met at the hospital, we had an argument. Well, I say “argument.” It consisted of me ranting in his general direction.
George, Sr.: Well it sounds like the arguments I used to have with my wife.
Nina: Yeah, I’m trying to reign it in a bit.
George, Sr.: No, no. Don’t do that.
Nina: No?
George, Sr.: No, it’s good. It’s spark. It’s life. When George left, Ruth—that’s his mum—well, she retreated into herself and I couldn’t drag her back. I’ll tell you something, when everything fades to silence you miss those one-sided arguments.

Nina: His unfinished business. He doesn’t think it’s something that he needs to do. He thinks it’s something that you need to do. If you could visit your mum, you know? If you could be reunited a family again, he knows that he’ll be able to move on.
George: Nina, I can’t do that.
Nina: I don’t think you have a choice.

Marcus Logue: So hold on, let me get this straight. You left home three years ago because you decided to…
George: To… join a cult.
Marcus Logue: Join a cult. Good. That’s what I thought you said. And you made no attempt to contact your mother and put her out of her misery because?
George: Because it was like a prison. And we had to escape in the end, didn’t we Nina?
Nina: I was in the cult? I was. I was in the cult.

Marcus Logue: You had to escape?
George: Yeah, we secretly chipped away at this wall everyday, and then we covered up the hole with this, um, old poster of Raquel Welch. Until eventually we were able to tunnel our way out of there.
Marcus Logue: Isn’t that the plot of Shawshank Redemption?
Nina: Well that’s where we got the, frankly, ludicrous, idea from.
Marcus Logue: What was the name of the cult!
George: The name of the cult was called the… Church of Earth. The Church of Earth, Wind and Fire.

Marcus Logue: Well if you don’t get the basics right, they are going to be screwed up, aren’t they?
Nina: You sound like an expert, Marcus.
Marcus Logue: I am a teacher.
Nina: Of rounders!

George, Sr.: Ruth. Ruth, I need you to listen to me.
Nina: That’s much better. That’s great. Very strong, very focused.
George, Sr.: I’m the one you should be with.
Nina: Brilliant!
George, Sr.: And the reasons for this are three-fold.
Nina: Oh, again with the three-fold!

George, Sr.: I’m taking you back, Ruth! Whether you like it or not!
George: No no no, we’ve tipped completely the other way now.
Nina: Yeah. No. You’re a bit… rape-y now.

George: Well I told them. I mean, they’re probably going to try and have me sectioned. But I did tell them.
Nina: You did. And I’m very proud of you.

George, Sr.: I’m gonna fly, Jack! I’m gonna fly!
Nina: Did your dad just misquote Titanic?
George: Yeah. Just… don’t ask.

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Episode 7 : Though the Heavens Fall

Herrick: Do you trust Mitchell?
Nina: If Mitchell told me the sky is blue I’d have to go outside to check.
Herrick: He says I’m a vampire. Like the story by Byron. Those witches who tormented me, they said so too. It’s bewildering, isn’t it? That woman who came to the house, I could hear her blood throb and pound through her veins. Yet I don’t hear that with you or George or the girl or… Why is that?
Nina: Look, whatever you are it doesn’t have to define you. Take it from me.
Herrick: Define me? I’m hunger. That is what defines me. Hunger is the length and breadth of me now.
Nina: It’ll pass.
Herrick: How? I, I— There’s images in here, really dark dark desires and… I can’t sleep. If I am the victim of a conspiracy to drive me mad I confess it is working.
Nina: Listen to me. Hang on to that. You are not going mad. But any other reaction in this house would be insane. Don’t let this become comfortable. Stay separate. Stay appalled.
Herrick: I showed her the journal.
Nina: The policewoman?
Herrick: She found it mightily interesting. Was that the wrong thing to do? Fiat justitia ruat caelum, Nina. Let justice be done, though the heavens fall.

Annie: I know who killed the Box Tunnel 20. Mitchell told me.
George: He told you?
Nina: You’re kidding.
Annie: Daisy Hannigan Spitteri… or something.
George: What? She— Ah, sorry. Who?
Annie: She confessed to Mitchell, more or less. But it’s a bit complicated, ’cause she a vampire so Mitchell says that we have to, you know, tread carefully.
Nina: Was there any proof?
Annie: Uh. What d’you mean?
Nina: Well you know, what with that policewoman sniffing around. You know what they’re like. They find… stuff.
Annie: Yes! Well, no, yes. But, um, there was a scrapbook. With clippings of the murders in it.
Nina: And how did he explain that?
Annie: Well he has been investigating the case too.
Nina: The murders?
Annie: Yeah. Apparently that’s what vampires do if one of them goes bad. Or… badder. Yeah, so he’s looking for Daisy. He’s just trying to gather all the clues.
Nina: So he didn’t do it? I mean, really didn’t.
Annie: No. Oh my god. Nina. No.

George: Daisy.
Annie: Do you know her?
George: Ah. Well yeah. Kind of. Her and her husband attacked me and Mitchell a few months ago but it does, it does kind of make sense. She was pretty wild. Just um… Just very determined. Tenacious. Surprisingly strong… Limber.
Nina: You do know you’re saying all this out loud, don’t you?

Nina: It’s just that the thing is… Here’s the thing. Um. I was the one that reported him to the help line.
DC Reed: Why did you do that, Nina?
Nina: Well I got the wrong end of the stick about something but now I’ve had time to reconsider and I really, I really don’t think he had anything to do with this.
DC Reed: So what changed your mind?
Nina: Has he spoken to you about someone called Daisy?
DC Reed: Daisy Hannigan Spitteri?
Nina: Yeah. Yeah, you know I’ve been thinking about it and I think she might know something.

Dr. Hayley Hamilton: Shit, how many weeks are you?
Nina: Ah… eight weeks.
Dr. Hayley Hamilton: And how long have you two been together?
Nina: A year.
Dr. Hayley Hamilton: Thank god. I could see this getting very Jeremy Kyle. No, you must have got the dates wrong ’cause there’s no way you’re eight weeks.
George: Really?
Dr. Hayley Hamilton: More like sixteen. Either that or you’re giving birth to a giant. Which, let’s be honest, is pretty unlikely. But it does mean we’ve missed out on a whole load of checks and stuff so we’ve got some catching up to do.

Nina: We both know this baby was conceived eight weeks ago. So why the hell is it growing so fast?
George: Wolf gestations are a lot shorter than humans.
Nina: Says who?
George: Wikipedia.

George: What the hell?
Nina: They’ve come for Mitchell.
George: What? Why?
Nina: Oh my god, George. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.
George: What are you talking about?
Nina: I reported him. I gave his name to them about the Box Tunnel 20. You don’t understand, I found this, this scrapbook Annie was talking about. It was before we knew about Daisy.
George: If they’ve arrested him, they will take his photo. They’ll…. Why, why didn’t you say something?
Nina: Because I knew you would take his side. I knew you’d try to cover for him.
George: Have you any—any—idea what you’ve done!? The danger you’ve now put us all in?

Nina: Where are you going?
George: The police station. I’ve get to get him out of there.
Nina: I’m coming with you.
George: No. You—you stay there! You are not going anywhere near him. Fuck!

Herrick: I have something of a dilemma, Nina. Perhaps you can help me.
Nina: Christ, you made me jump. What the hell happened here? And why are you wearing that?
Herrick: See the thing is, your boyfriend tore me—literally—limb from limb. Now, aside from anything else, have you ever heard of anything so undignified?

Herrick: You’re right. My quarrel is not with you. {he leaves, only to quickly return, knife in hand}. But then people would say I was going soft.

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Episode 8 : The Wolf-Shaped Bullet

Annie: Mitchell, you do know we can’t go back to the way we were. You know, the four of us. Friends. Lovers. Making tea. You do understand that.
Nina: So what do you want?
Mitchell: I want George to kill me.
Annie: Look, Mitchell. There is no prophecy. Lia made it up.
Mitchell: It doesn’t matter. I’m going to kill again, we all know it. Because I have to. And because there’s a part of me that wants to. The vampire gene is stubborn. It finds a way to thrive. I need to be stopped in a way I can’t come back from.
Nina: Why can’t you do it yourself? Like Cara did.
Mitchell: It has to be him. It’s the final piece of his story with me.
Nina: Vampires and their inscrutable bullshit. You can’t do it yourself because it won’t provide enough anguish. You’ve been killing for nearly a hundred years. All this bloodshed and turmoil, it’s become your currency. God, even suicide has to be some shared bloody drama.

George: Well I thought you’d be all for it.
Nina: Except I’m the one— I’m the one who’ll be expected to pick up the pieces of you afterwards.
Annie: He’s right about one thing. He will kill again.
George: Are we actually thinking about doing this? I mean he hasn’t attacked —
Annie: A bomb is still a bomb, even if it hasn’t gone off yet.
George: Right, yeah. But doing it now, with him like this. That’s murder.
Nina: So what do we do? We wait until he goes bad again?
Annie: I don’t understand. You were ready to kill him in the cage.
George: I thought Nina was dead.

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