The X-Files Season 7

The Sixth Extinction

1999.11.07    S07E01

Conrad Roberts  David Duchovny  Gillian Anderson  John Finn  Michael Ensign  Mitch Pileggi

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Scully: I came in search of something I did not believe existed. I stayed now on in spite of myself. In spite of everything I’ve ever held to be true. I will continue here as long as I can. As long as you are beset by the haunting illness which I saw consume your beautiful mind. What is this discovery I’ve made? How can I reconcile what I see with what I know? I feel this was meant not for me to find, but for you. To make sense of. Make the connections which can’t be ignored. Connections which for me deny all logic and reason. What is this source of power I hold in my hand? This rubbing. This simple impression taken from the surface of the craft. I watched this rubbing take its undeniable hold on you. Saw you succumb to its spiraling effect. Now I must work to uncover what your illness prevents you from finding. At the source of every illness lies its cure.

Skinner: Agent Mulder. I want to help you, but I don’t know what to do. I don’t have much time.

Dr. Barnes (Michael Ensign): I know what we’ve got. This craft that’s come ashore. Its extraterrestrial origins.
Scully: You don’t even believe in that.
Dr. Barnes: Nor do you. Yet here we are.

Mulder about Agent Fowley: She knows.
Skinner: You can read her mind?
Mulder: Yeah.

Michael Kritschgau (John Finn): I don’t believe in aliens, Agent Mulder. I think you know that.
Mulder: I do. That’s why I need you.

Scully: I’m only here to help my friend.
Dr. Barnes: You can’t help him. You’re wasting your time reading it.
Scully: It has power.
Dr. Barnes: It is power. The ultimate power. Your friend just got too close.

Mysterious Man (Conrad Roberts): Some truths are not for you.

Skinner: I know what you’re doing.
Kritschgau: I’m trying to help him.
Skinner: No, this isn’t about him. It’s about you. It’s about revenge against the government for trying to destroy your life.
Kritschgau: I was destroyed to protect what Mulder knew all along. Now he’s the proof. He’s the X-File.

Skinner: They said he was dying. I had to do something.
Scully: He’s not dying.
Skinner: I’m afraid it’s true.
Scully: He’s not dying. He is more alive than he’s ever been. He’s more alive than his body can withstand. And what’s causing it may be extraterrestrial in origin.
Skinner: I know. But there’s nothing to be done about it.