The X-Files Season 2


1994.11.18    S02E09

Bradley Whitford  David Duchovny  Gillian Anderson  Leland Orser  Shawnee Smith

Mulder: That’s no mean claim.
Dr. Adam Pierce: Daniel always had a flair for self-dramatization.
Scully: I’d always heard he was brilliant.
Pierce: Brilliant doesn’t go quite far enough.

Pierce: Daniel and I… I always played Salieri to his Mozart. I was never quite on the same plane of intellect. This time I found him slipping. Into madness.

Pierce: We’ve got twenty million tax dollars into this project. If word of it were to get out it could destroy years of work. I’m afraid to go through proper channels.
Mulder: We’re not exactly proper channels.

Mulder: I don’t think you should go.
Scully: Mulder, I’m ready. I want to work.
Mulder: Maybe you should take some time off.
Scully: I’ve already lost too much time.

Mulder: What do you make of Mr. Trepkos’ neighborhood?
Scully: What do you mean?
Mulder: Don’t you think their behavior is a little bizarre—almost paranoid.

Mulder: There’s something they’re not telling us.
Scully: Based on what?
Mulder: Based on when Ludwig tried to play tee ball with my head. He knew I wasn’t Trepkos.
Scully: Now you’re sounding paranoid.

Jessie O’Neil (Shawnee Smith): I just want to go home.
What’s home?
Jessie: Anywhere but here.

Daniel Trepkos (Bradley Whitford): I’m wondering if I haven’t lost all perspective. In my intense desire to find the truth, has it finally eclipsed the truth itself?

Jason Ludwig (Leland Orser): Wait a minute. There’s no such thing as a silicon-based life form.
Scully: Maybe now there is.

Mulder: Why are you doing this, Trepkos? He’s already dead. How many times do you have to kill him?
Trepkos: It’s not him I’m trying to kill.

Mulder: What went wrong Trepkos? The Firewalker carried something back to the surface.
Trepkos: The Firewalker brought up an elephant. The truth is an elephant described by three blind men. The first man touches the tail and says it’s a rope. The second man feels the rough leg and says it’s a tree. The third man feels the trunk and says it’s a snake.
Mulder: What about you? What do you say it is?
Trepkos: I say the earth holds some truths best left buried.

Trepkos: I can’t let you leave.
Mulder: Then you’re going to have to shoot me. Because I’m walking out of here.

Mulder: …and of the events that occurred at Mount Avalon between the eleventh and the thirteenth of November, 1994, mine stands as the only record.