Torchwood Series 4

Escape to L.A.


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Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

Sarah Drummond: We’ve changed. All of us. Something in the air infected us. It’s godless.

Triangle Assassin (C. Thomas Howell): Confirmed. I’ve found Esther Drummond. The pathway to Torchwood is open and clear.
Triangle Voice: Follow her to Harkness. Do what you like with the others.

Ellis Hartley Monroe (Mare Winningham): Who is there to speak for the living? When the White House is silent, the Vatican is silent. The scientists are silent. Well I am not.

Venice Beach, California, USA

Gwen: Look at that horizon! We’ve reached the edge of America.
Jack: Decades since I saw the Pacific. Must be about seventy years.

Dr. Juarez: Can’t get rid of you, can I, Dead Man Walking?
Rex: Yeah yeah yeah. What is this “Dead is Dead” shit? I see posters all over the place.
Dr. Juarez: It’s the latest campaign. As if Oswald Danes wasn’t bad enough, this one’s lead by Ellis Hartley Monroe. One of those small town mayors trying to make a name for herself.

Dr. Juarez: Ellis Hartley Monroe started the Dead is Dead campaign, and do you know why? She thinks we should treat people who should have died as if they’re already dead. And right now I think she’s got a point.

Doctor: So we just put everyone inside and close the door? Do you know what they used to call that in the old days? A plague ship.

Gwen: Anyway, so how’s my little girl?
Rhys: Don’t call me that, Gwen.
Gwen: Very funny.

Gwen: Just get my dad out, Rhys, and I’ll phone you tonight.
Rhys: It’s already tonight!

Jack: Our greatest problem is that what’s happened to the world is invisible. Quite by chance Oswald’s found himself right at the heart of it. George Eliot wrote this chapter in Middlemarch. She said that if you take a piece of metal with random scratches all over it and hold a flame up to the metal, the scratches look like they’re forming patterns. Circling around the light. And that Oswald. He’s blazin’ away. The patterns are starting to revolve around him. And all we have to do is keep watching.

Jilly: Phicorp has asked me to stay at your side—full time. Apparently someone over there believes you’re important. Who am I to argue.
Oswald: Gloriously. Bet that’s killing you,
Ms. Kitzinger. Because you can’t stand the sight of me.
Jilly: No I can’t. No sir, not at all. But it is not my job to like you.

Oswald: You ever wonder why anyone considers me important?
Jilly: I’m sure someone’s got a reason.
Oswald: Would you like to know what it is.
Jilly: Very much so.
Oswald: How much do you know about our masters at Phicorp? Because I did a little searching of my own last night. It’s been a long long time since I was allowed online, so… I tried to find out who’s above Phicorp. Who owns them. But the strangest thing happened. The information just scattered away. All sorts of names and tangents and diversions, but nothing tangible. And that’s when I recognized the pattern. Because I’ve had a lot of experience perfecting how to hide myself online. And suddenly, I’m looking at someone else doing the same. But on a massive scale. Worldwide. I wonder why.

Jilly: Looks like you’ve got a rival. Better think of a line, Oswald. Or you’ll be yesterday’s news.

Rex Sr.: You and your precious government, you changed the rules on us. Don’t tell me this ain’t some damn experiment. I don’t want to live forever. Especially like this.

Rex Sr.: What did you come here for, Rex? Tell me that. What the hell did you come here for?
Rex: I got hurt, Dad. I got hurt bad.
Rex Sr.: So what? I been dying down here for fifteen years. You never once cared.

Jack: You’re so never doing that accent again.
Gwen: I’m mortified. Absolutely mortified.

Oswald: Those cameras were here for me.
Jilly: I know. It’s just a timing malfunction, that’s all.

Oswald: The moment I lose my platform, I get thrown back to the mob. And I’m not doing that, do you hear me? I’m never going back. So if you don’t want me angry with you, missy—if you don’t want Phicorp angry with you—you’re gonna put this right. Is that understood?
Jilly: Perfectly.

Oswald: There are people out there who are preaching all sorts of dangerous lies about you. And who is out there talking on your behalf? Hm? I’m here to tell you, I will. I promise, I will. Because you need help.

Jilly: Dr. Juarez!
Dr. Juarez: This is disgusting.
Jilly thrilled: I know!

Triangle Assassin: It’s your system, which means it’s your fault. Because the next thing I need is the palm of your hand, and then one of your eyes. But just one.
Nicholas Frumkin: No!
Triangle Assassin: Don’t worry, no one dies.

Rex: You compromised the security of the entire mission. Come on!

Jack: What happened?
Triangle Assassin: I did.

Gwen: Who the hell are you?
Triangle Assassin: Name’s unimportant right now.
Gwen: Oh great, he’s cryptic.
Jack: What do you want?
Triangle Assassin: Well clearly, you dead.
Jack: Then why am I still alive?
Triangle Assassin: That’s the point. It’s gotta be said, Miracle Day has hardly been advantageous for those in my line of work. The day the killing stopped. But I can’t tell you, Jack, how wonderful it is—how truly wonderful it is—to meet somebody who’s mortal. It’s my Holy Grail.
Gwen: If he’s the only one that can die then it’s in your interest to keep him alive.
Triangle Assassin: That’s exactly what I’m doing. Haven’t you noticed the absence of killing?

Triangle Assassin: I’ve been paid to eradicate him, but that only makes me wonder why. What makes you so different?
Jack: I don’t know.
Triangle Assassin: And yet, you’re the only one left. The only true human.
Jack: If I knew I would tell you. I’m trying to find out the same thing myself.

Esther: Ask who’s employing him!
Gwen: Yes, I know. Thank you! Who employs you?
Triangle Assassin: Don’t you have any idea, Jack? They told me it was a very long time ago. Don’t you remember?
Jack: No. Who told you that?
Triangle Assassin: This would be so simple in the old days. Tell me what I want or I’ll slit her throat.

Triangle Assassin: You’re very special to them, Jack. They trust me enough to tell me that. And I hear rumors. Of miracles yet to come. A new society being forged here on Earth and I’d like to guarantee my place. So tell me. What did you give them so long ago?

Gwen: Tell me who’s employing you.
Triangle Assassin: You’ll never stop them. For this is who they certainly are. They are everywhere. They are always. They are no one. They have been waiting for such a long time. Searching the world for a specific geography.
Jack: What the hell does that mean?
Triangle Assassin: That means that they found it. And they’ve made it magnificent.
Jack: Who are they?!
Triangle Assassin: They once had names. Long ago. And those names—

Gwen: He was just about to tell us!
Rex: Thanks. Anybody? Thanks?
Gwen: And you shot him in the throat.
Rex: Yeah well, dead is dead.

Jilly: You are trending like never before, you clever bastard.

Triangle Voice: Mrs. Monroe. We’d like to apologize. We’re really very sorry about this. Indeed we’d like to imagine if time and tides had flown in a different way, we could have almost been friends. I hope that’s some consolation. At the end. Truth of it is, we liked your message, Mrs. Monroe. We liked your style. But we already have Oswald Danes. We don’t need another. And certain aspects of your strategy were revealing our hand just a little too soon. And we have been planning this so carefully for such a long time. Because we are everywhere. We are always. We are no one. And soon, the families will rise.

Jack: Thanks again for saving my ass yesterday.
Rex: I was saving her ass. Which is gravy.
Esther: I’m sorry I made such a mess of it.
Rex: That was your finally warning.

Rex: Give it anymore thought? That maniac said it was someone you knew.
Jack: Not that easy when you’ve lived for thousands of years.
Rex: You keep talking that shit, huh?

Rhys: The government stepped in to prop up the NHS. They’re spending millions they said. They’re setting up these sort of camps to help people.
Gwen: Overflow camps?
Rhys: Ay, that’s it. And I got your dad inside the South Wales site.

Gwen: Okay, Rhys, listen to me. Do not let them go. Do not let them take my father. I haven’t got time to explain, just, just bloody move!
Rhys: They just moved him out.
Gwen: Then stop them, okay? This is bloody Phicorp, Rhys, and they are up to something.

Gwen: They’ve got my dad, Jack. They’ve got my dad.