Torchwood Rhys Williams

Series 4


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The New World

Rhys Williams (Kai Owen): You okay?
Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles): Yeah. Yeah. Just, you know, bad dream.
Rhys: What about?
Gwen: What d’you think? Torchwood.

Wales, UK 8a.m.

Rhys: Don’t be so suspicious.
Gwen: What are they flying past for?
Rhys: Because they can. This is God’s own country, that’s all. Just looking. Stop it.

Gwen: So. I’m inside, on my own. It’s midnight. Not a sound to be heard. When I looked up, and a woman came out of the sky. Ah! Shining, she was. Like moonlight. Her eyes white—blazing white. And then she started to sing. Like a thousand choirs. One woman with a thousand voices. And it was beautiful—
Rhys: That’s enough, don’t you think?
Gwen: Who’s being paranoid now?
Rhys: You promised me we’d keep it away from Anwyn.
Gwen: Yeah, but be fair. She’s too young. She thinks it all sounds like a fairytale.
Rhys: It was a nightmare, Gwen. Your life back then was a living nightmare. {there’s a knock at the door}. There’s someone at the door!
Gwen: Sh!
Rhys: What if—?
Gwen: Sh!

Rhys: Hey hey. We’re safe, sweetheart. No one knows we’re here. All that stuff, all that nonsense gone. No more Torchwood, it’s gone.

Rhys: Oh you are so cheating!
Gwen: Cheating? How can I cheat painting a wall? Only a man could turn this into a competition.

Mary: Look at her, though. She’s huge.
Gwen: She’s perfectly normal, mum.
Mary: Don’t you be a fool, girl. What are you feeding her, lard?
Gwen: Yes, mum. I’m feeding her lard. Keep telling her that. And by the time she’s thirteen she’ll have a complete psychological complex.
Rhys: Stop it right now, you two.

Rhys: Every time you investigate something you end up in danger, Gwen.
Gwen: ‘Cause I can help.
Rhys: Don’t you dare.
Gwen: But—
Rhys: I said don’t you dare! You got that?! Don’t you bloody dare, Gwen! The thing is, right, if you think Miracle Day is like a Torchwood crisis others will think the same, won’t they? Then they’ll come looking for you with guns. Like they did in the old days.
Gwen: That was—
Rhys: We shouldn’t even be in the city. There’s cameras everywhere! This is different now. You’ve got a daughter.

Gwen: Let’s go home.
Rhys: Yes.
Gwen: Let’s go home.

Gwen: So much for tying him up.
Rhys: I’ve never tied up a person!

Gwen: “Men are good at knots.” How many times have you told me that?
Rhys: At Christmas!

Rex: You know, it would really help if I could hear myself think! What the hell is it doing?
Rhys: It’s a tourist thing.
Gwen: No. No, I don’t think it is.

Cardiff, UK

Gwen: Right. So that’s sorted. Rhys, you take Anwyn to my mother’s, keep her safe and sound. Jack, if you’ve got access to weapons what else have you got? I’ve still got [?] but everything else is gone.
Rhys: I knew it though. Didn’t I say? First sign of trouble you go running off with Jack Harkness.
Gwen: What choice have I got? I mean they rebuilt the tower, now we rebuild Torchwood.

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Heathrow Airport, London, U.K. 11 am

Gwen: How’s that cut on your arm?
Jack: I’ll survive. I’m mortal, not dying. Well technically I guess I am dying, but slowly.
Gwen: But this thing that’s happening to the world—this miracle. It must have something to do with you.
Jack: Great, so it’s my fault?
Gwen: Can’t be a coincidence, Jack.
Rhys: Of course it’s not a coincidence. Doesn’t mean to say it’s his fault.
Jack: Rhys, are you defending me?
Rhys: Well it’s like it all got switched, isn’t it? Nothing to do with Jack if the wires got crossed. Everything mortal becomes immortal. So every immortal becomes mortal. See? I can be useful.

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Escape to L.A.

Gwen: Anyway, so how’s my little girl?
Rhys: Don’t call me that, Gwen.
Gwen: Very funny.

Gwen: Just get my dad out, Rhys, and I’ll phone you tonight.
Rhys: It’s already tonight!

Rhys: I did what you said. I made a fuss about getting him moved.
Gwen: Okay, look, I haven’t got time for this, sweetheart. Just tell me, can you get him out of there?
Rhys: Yes, I can. Shall I go ahead?
Gwen: Oh I love you, I love you. I love you I love. Just do it and leave me alone.

Rhys: The government stepped in to prop up the NHS. They’re spending millions they said. They’re setting up these sort of camps to help people.
Gwen: Overflow camps?
Rhys: Ay, that’s it. And I got your dad inside the South Wales site.
Gwen: Okay, Rhys, listen to me. Do not let them go. Do not let them take my father. I haven’t got time to explain, just, just bloody move!
Rhys: They just moved him out.
Gwen: Then stop them, okay? This is bloody Phicorp, Rhys, and they are up to something.

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The Categories of Life

Gwen: Who’s with Anwen?
Rhys: No one. I left her with petrol and a cigarette lighter.

Cowbridge Overflow Camp, Wales, U.K.

Gwen: Bloody categories. All the things I fought with Torchwood. And what stops me? Red tape.
Rhys: We’ll find another way, Gwen.
Gwen: Yes, and I’ll tell you what it is. We’re gonna break in here, we’re gonna find my father, and we’re gonna get him out. Tonight.

Rhys: Just like the old days.
Gwen: No it’s not. It’s worse. It only ever gets worse.

Rhys: They had me running patients to the burn center.
Gwen: Burn center?

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The Middle Men

Rhys: Oh my god, I was driving them to the modules! I was driving living people into the ovens!
Gwen: You weren’t to know, all right? You were just doing your job.
Rhys: Yeah? Well I’m not doing it anymore. I quit the bastard thing.

Rhys: This Captain Harkness must have taken a shine to me. He had that look about him, you know. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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Immortal Sins

Andy: I’ve never shot anyone before.
Rhys: Where’s Gwen?

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End of the Road

Colasanto Residence, Nevada, U.S.A.

Mary Cooper: You tell her from me, I had a gun held to my head. My life was in danger. And her father’s. Right inside our own house. And all because of her. So you tell her, Don’t give up. Go get the bastards. Whatever it takes.
Rhys: Tell her yourself.
Mary Cooper: No. I’m watching TV.

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